Kelly & Michael: Theresa Caputo “Long Island Medium”


Theresa Caputo: “Long Island Medium” Season Three

Theresa Caputo is a self-proclaimed spiritual medium. Through thoughts, feelings, and emotions, Theresa is able to connect with the dead, and has done so all her life. Theresa’s life as a mom and a medium is detailed on her TLC reality show, Long Island Medium, which is now in its third season.



  1. helen rogers says

    Hello i really would love to talk to you theresa since you know all about me ……Please lets communicate….Helen

  2. helen rogers says

    I agree with you completely about the after life…..You know all about me….Please lets communicate so i can help more…..helen

    • helen rogers says

      i was an indian now im a jew for jesus….im a grandma of 5 all togethor 7. You know every song i song…Every place i played…..Every head i kissed….Now what? helen

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