Kelly & Michael: Terry O’Quinn “666 Park Avenue” Interview


Terry O’Quinn: One of Eleven Children

Terry O’Quinn is a successful actor now, but his upbringing was less than glamorous: he was the seventh of eleven children growing up in Michigan. In his family, there were eight boys and three girls, and everyone grew up in groups rather than together. He said that it was lot less “Waltons,” and lot more crowded.

Kelly wanted to know how all of the O’Quinn children came to be; was there a lot of alcohol involved? Actually, Terry said that his parents didn’t drink at all. They were just very Catholic. Therefore, Terry thinks that his parents only had sex eleven times!


Kelly & Michael: Terry O'Quinn "666 Park Avenue" Interview

Terry O’Quinn discussed “666 Park Avenue” on Live with Kelly & Michael. (Helga Esteb /

How did Terry come to be an actor with such a chaotic upbringing? He said that in such a large family, acting was a way to get some attention. Also, it all started when Terry saw Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet when he was in high school; he fell in love with Juliet, and knew that he wanted to be in movies one day.

Terry O’Quinn: Hawaii vs. New York

When Terry worked on Lost, he lived in Hawaii, on the island of Hawaii. Now that Terry is starring on 666 Park Avenue, he lives in New York. They are very different lifestyles, because in Hawaii, he lived a very laid back life. He walked everywhere, and even hitch-hiked (something that no New Yorker would ever try)!


One time in Hawaii, Terry was walking back to his home, and one of his neighbors offered him a ride. What he didn’t realize was that he was being kidnapped (theoretically speaking). Before he was dropped off, his neighbor told Terry, “let me just show you off to my wife!” Looks like he was a big Lost fan!

Terry O’Quinn: “666 Park Avenue” on ABC

Terry is now starring alongside Vanessa Williams on the new ABC series 666 Park Avenue. Terry plays the owner of an upscale Manhattan apartment building, The Drake, where a lot of supernatural activity occurs. Terry’s character, Gavin, seems to the one manning the controls, and Terry called Gavin “a very dark character” to play.

You can see all of the mystery for yourself when 666 Park Avenue premieres on ABC Sunday, September 30 at 10 p.m.


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