Kelly & Michael: Terry Crews Who Wants To be A Millionaire + Art


Kelly & Michael: Terry Crews

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Terry Crews came by to talk to Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan about his new job hosting Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, which has been around forever. This was actually his first time on the show, and he has such an amazing, fun energy. He had the best, most excited entrance and came out in a completely green suit. “The green is for the money and the envy,” he said. Kelly couldn’t believe this was his first time. She thought she knew him, but she only knew him from TV and the movies.

Kelly & Michael: Terry Crews and Michael Strahan

Michael and Crews both played in the NFL. Crews was already acting when Michael retired and he told Michael that he was a star and that he shouldn’t let anybody tell him differently. And he’s so proud and excited to see what Michael’s been up to now. They’re representing all of the former athletes who are still going. Kelly’s representing the former soap stars. Michael and Crews need to do a buddy film together. They’ve known each other for a long time.


Kelly & Michael: Terry Crews Art

Kelly & Michael: Terry Crews Who Wants To be A Millionaire + Art

Terry Crews came by to talk about ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ and his love of art and how he taught his kids to draw. (Jaguar PS /

Crews is from Flint, Michigan, and originally wanted to be an artist. He’s a left-handed, right-brained person. He even had an art scholarship before he had a football scholarship. His paintings look like photographs. He used to go in the locker room and ask players if they wanted their portraits done and that’s how he survived. He had a wife and two kids at the time. Now he has five kids, and he’s been married for 35 years. He has a four-year-old grandchild and he teaches his kids to draw and he uses his creativity in his acting.

He loves to draw, and he loves to work out. Kelly’s seen him work out online and it’s incredible. He spends so much time shirtless that he just loves dressing up now.


Kelly & Michael: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Review

They showed a clip of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire where a woman freaked out after getting an answer right. She actually smacked Crews, but he gets just as excited as the contestants. He’s thoroughly invested in every contestant. He didn’t know he would be, but he’s crushed when they lose. He can’t get over it.

He told his wife he didn’t think he could do it because it’s such an emotional roller coaster. But that just means his heart’s in it. He said it’s one of the most satisfying things he’s ever done in his life. He does everything legally possible to help people win, but he doesn’t know any of the answers. “Dude, I’m an ex football player. Do you really want to cheat off of me?” he said. He doesn’t have the answers in front of him on the show. I never knew that. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire airs on weekdays.

Kelly & Michael: Terry Crews Michael Strahan Dance Off

Crews loves to dance, and so does Michael. Of course they both got up to dance and it was beautiful. They both think they’re the best dancer. Crews has a whole dancing character because he can’t contain himself, but Michael’s is by request. Crews said it’s just not fair because he would win Dancing With the Stars every week. He has to give other people a chance.

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