Kelly & Michael: Ted Danson Autopsy Experience + CSI Review


Kelly & Michael: Ted Danson Grandchildren

Ted Danson came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about his show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which is actually in its 15th season. That’s unbelievable. He’s an actor, author, producer, and incredible crime solver. He now has a second grandchild. Kelly said he and his wife Mary are eternal teenagers, but Danson was thinking that he was getting old. Then his grandkids came and he said he gets it now and he loves them unconditionally. It’s like eating ice cream without gaining weight. Mary’s nickname was always Bear, so they decided to call them Bear and Teddy, which is cute, but it wound up being Beeb and Teddy. “The kids name you,” he said. “I’m lucky I wasn’t poo poo head.”

Kelly & Michael: Ted Danson Ojai

Kelly & Michael: Ted Danson Autopsy Experience + CSI Review

Ted Danson came by to talk to Kelly & Michael about his work on ‘CSI’ and his experience observing an autopsy. (Helga Esteb /


Danson has a place in Ojai. Kelly just went there for the first time a year ago and fell in love. They do nothing there. They take naps, wake up, and take another nap. They tried having bees once, but it didn’t work out. They had jobs and left and came back and the bees got bored and left. Now they dress up as beekeepers every year for Halloween.

Kelly & Michael: Bartenders Vs Mixologists

Danson’s also a restaurateur now. He doesn’t bartend like on Cheers. He’s terrible at making drinks. Also, there are no bartenders anymore. They’re all mixologists. They make really great drinks. Kelly & Michael aren’t television hosts, they’re “Interviewologists.”

Kelly & Michael: Mary on Orange is the New Black

Mary is actually going to be on Orange is the New Black. That’s amazing. I’m obsessed with that show. She’s doing that and Justified. She knows what she’s playing, but they’re very secretive, so he wouldn’t say. She’s already shot six episodes.


Kelly & Michael: CSI Review

CSI is in its 15th season, but it’s Danson’s fourth season. He plays the night supervisor. Michael heard he wore something fake on the show and wanted to know what it was. He wears contact lenses and they won’t let him wear glasses because it makes his eyes pop during the close ups. Everything about him on the show is fake. He’s good at getting contacts in though.

Michael asked if he really researches his roles, but he said everything he does is just a take on Sam Malone, which was hilarious. It’s basically “Sam Malone sees dead people.” He said he was spoiled while CSIs have to deal with death, so he went to a quadruple autopsy in Las Vegas. He said it was breathtaking. He held a guy’s skull while the weighed his brain. He was actually in tears. The dead guy was getting a foot message, started to snore heavily, and died.

The CSI clip showed Danson’s character being prepped, but the CSIs were the subjects. They were going to nuke the place, but there was somebody left. They had to follow protocol. CSI airs on Sundays on CBS.


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