Kelly & Michael: Steven Tyler Finds Love of Music Raised Under a Piano


Kelly & Michael: Steven Tyler and Michael Strahan

We all know Michael Strahan loves football, but would you believe Steven Tyler is also a fan? He told Michael he loves watching the Patriots play but Michael made sure to remind him he beat the Patriots in 2007 when they played the Giants.

Regardless of who they like to root for, Steven Tyler and Michael still had a photo together from the first time they met a few years ago.


“Look at that space between the teeth. That’s royalty,” said Steven Tyler of Michael’s gap.

Kelly & Michael: Steven Tyler Finds Love of Music Raised Under a Piano

Steven Tyler revealed that he found his love of music early on in his life, even telling Kelly ripa he was raised under his father’s piano from a young age.
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Steven Tyler Finds Love of Music Under a Piano

Kelly Ripa really wanted to know where Steven Tyler got his love of music and he told her it came from his father. His father studied classical piano and his grandmother was a music teacher who would bring her students to study at a resort in New Hampshire, where he spent most of his childhood.


“I lived under my father’s piano from the day I came home from the hospital,” he said.

He said the passion really filled him with passion when he began understanding the chords and the notes coming from the piano. He joked that piano filled him with all this passion and love for life even before he kissed a girl.

Steven Tyler Hated His “Angelic” Voice

Everyone knows an Aerosmith song when they hear one because of Steven Tyler’s distinct voice but he hasn’t always liked how it sounded. He told Kelly and Michael he sounded like Peewee Herman during his first few records so he began training in his voice to be more gravely.


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