Kelly & Michael: Steven Tyler Epic Film Role & Harmonica Performance


Kelly & Michael: Steven Tyler Plays a Caterpillar in Epic

Steven Tyler is playing a singing, historian type caterpillar in the new film Epic and he was super excited to finally have a large role in a movie.

He told Kelly and Michael he brought his grandson to see the movie the other day, commenting that Milo, his grandson, was the reason he accepted the role, because he really wanted to point out his role in the movie.


What’s more cute than Steven Tyler taking his grandson to the movies? Probably the fact that his grandson calls him Papa Steven.

Steven Tyler a Talented Harmonica Player

Kelly & Michael: Steven Tyler Epic Film Role & Harmonica Performance

Steven Tyler talked with Kelly and Michael about lending his voice to the animated film Epic and he performed a harmonica solo for Kelly Ripa.
(Helga Esteb /

Like any good musician, Steven Tyler brought his harmonica with him on the show. Although he couldn’t remember when he learned how to play it, saying he sort of just picked it up, he did do a short harmonica performance for the audience.


“This could be my favorite day at work ever,” said Kelly as Steven Tyler played his harmonica.

Steven Tyler Petting Tigers in Bangkok

Steven Tyler just returned home from two weeks in Thailand where Aerosmith was playing a number of shows. They even filmed the first two-hour live YouTube performance for Social Star Wars while overseas but his favorite part about the trips was getting a chance to pet tigers.

On his first day in Thailand, Steven Tyler said he and his band went to a temple where monks have raised 27 tigers from birth. He showed some pictures of the docile creatures simply laying down in his lap.

It must have been so amazing.

Aerosmith Benefit Concert for Boston Strong

Aerosmith is performing in a benefit concert for Boston Strong today and Steven Tyler was proud to say he could help his city. He remember the day the bombs went off he was about to fly to Australian and it hurt him to have to leave the country.

“It just feels different when it is your hometown,” said Steven Tyler. “It shouldn’t, but it does.”


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