Kelly & Michael: Stana Katic Mongolia Trip & “Castle” 100th Episode


Stana Katic: Family Background

Castle star Stana Katic made her Live! with Kelly & Michael debut appearance in order to celebrate her show’s upcoming 100th episode. First, the multicultural star explained her unique family background and some of the cool places she’s recently traveled to.

Stana explained that her parents are Serbs from Croatia who emigrated from Yugoslavia to Canada and then finally to the United Sates. Stana grew up moving and traveling a lot with her four brothers and one sister, which instilled a love of travel from an early age. Now, Stana loves visiting exotic places. She recently traveled to  Argentina, India and Mongolia.


Kelly & Michael: Stana Katic Mongolia Trip & "Castle" 100th Episode

Actress Stana Katic discussed the 100th episode of Castle on Live! with Kelly & Michael. (s_bukley /

Stana Katic: Trip To Mongolia

Stana shared some very cool pictures from her trip to Mongolia. She felt like an anthropologist as she narrated the images from the Gobe desert where she spent time searching for dinosaur remains. She also attended a hair cutting ceremony that’s sort of like the equivalent of a baptism. When a child’s hair is cut for the first time, everyone in the community gathers and enjoys a huge celebration together.

When Stana revealed that the celebration included a meal of disemboweled sheep, the audience cringed. Since Stana was the guest of honor, she got to sample the tastiest part: the fat back. Yum!


Stana Katic: Castle 100th Episode

Stana stars as Detective Kate Beckett on the popular ABC series Castle. The show is getting ready to air its 100th episode, and there were plenty of Castle fans in the audience excited to celebrate the show’s major milestone. Robin, Michael and the audience got to preview the episode with a clip featuring Stana and co-star Nathan Fillion.

The 100th episode of Castle airs April 1 2013 on ABC.


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