Kelly & Michael: Snoop Lion “Reincarnated” & “No Guns Allowed” Review


Kelly & Michael: Snoop Lion

Reformed rapper and hustler Snoop Lion has dedicated his life to a higher purpose and living positively. He walked out with some pretty flashy bling around his neck.

“I got blinded by the lions,” Kelly joked. She almost fell off her chair when she saw the two crystal lion heads hanging from Snoop Lion’s chains.


Snoop Lion said he just left his album release party at 8 a.m. this morning. The party started at 1:30 a.m. Who comes to a party at 1:30 a.m.? “Party people,” he said.

Snoop Lion is his reggae moniker. He’s not done with rapping, so don’t freak out, fans. He just decided that this time in his life should be dedicated to staying positive and working on his reggae music.

Kelly & Michael: Snoop Lion "Reincarnated" & "No Guns Allowed" Review

Snoop Lion performed his new single, “No Guns Allowed,” from his album “Reincarnated. He said he spent time reconnecting with his true self for this album. (Helga Esteb /


Snoop Lion in Jamaica

His new album and documentary, Reincarnated, were inspired by his time in Jamaica. He learned a lot about living life everyday and being a better person. Michael Strahan said he loved the film. It does look like a fascinating documentary. He said it is an evolution. This new music reflects his persona right now.

Kelly Ripa said she loves the new album. She heard through the grapevine that Snoop Lion has a bodyguard now and that he is sporting a “murse,” also known as a man purse. His bodyguard stood off to the side and carried his double murse. Snoop Lion carries a Louis Vuitton messenger tote and a crocheted cross body bag.

Michael Strahan said he has never seen a man as big as Snoop Lion’s bodyguard. He eagerly ran over to stand next to the mountain of a man. Believe it or not, Michael Strahan is shorter than this bodyguard. Snoop Lion called him “half man, half amazing.”

Snoop Lion: “No Guns Allowed”

I’m a huge fan of Snoop Lion’s new music. Also, he’s got the most blinged out microphone I’ve ever seen. He brought four young girls with him to sing backup.  The song is interesting considering the recent events with school violence and the Boston bombings. “No Guns Allowed” is a statement about enjoying the party and enjoying life without violence.

Kelly & Michael: A.J. Clemente

Kelly Ripa was thrilled to welcome A.J. Clemente to the show. He was the North Dakota new anchor that released a bit of tension and some nasty language in his first stint on air. He was promptly let go from the show and has apologized. Kelly is a huge fan and thinks it’s hilarious that he swore on air.

He said he had no clue that they were live and on air. His co-anchor also was unaware. In the video she does look a little perplexed. Clemente said he was getting tripped up by the London marathon winner’s name. He got flustered and the rest is a Youtube sensation. He didn’t know that he was caught on air until the third commercial break when his producer took him aside.

Everyone keeps laughing about him being from West Virginia and living on the east coast. It makes perfect sense if you’re from the area, Kelly Ripa explained.

Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan Give A.J. Clemente a Second Chance

On the last episode, Kelly and Michael talked about giving A.J. Clemente a second chance. He’s already redeemed himself by making it to their studio, but they added in a couple of precautionary bleeps just in case. Clemente was very good natured about the whole thing.

Kelly and Michael are sending A.J. Clemente to the red carpet premiere of Pierce Brosnan’s Love Is All You Need. He has to interview all of the celebrities he can and bring the tape back to them tomorrow. Kelly Ripa declared him their new celebrity correspondent.


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