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Kick Start The New Year — Wellness Edition: Michael Breus

Live! With Kelly & Michael continued with its “Kick Start the New Year: Wellness Edition.” “The Sleep Doctor” Michael Breus came by to share some tips for how to get a good night’s sleep, which I was excited for. This is something I could definitely use. I’ve really enjoyed how “Kick Start the New Year: Wellness Edition” has been covering such a wide range of topics. They’ve all been really informative and could be helpful for anyone, but I was especially looking forward to this sleeping segment.

Kelly & Michael: Sleep Medications

Kelly & Michael were even in their pajamas for the sleep segment. Breus is a bestselling doctor and he had a lot of tips. A lot of people take over-the-counter drugs. A lot of them have to do with pain because they have a hard time sleeping. Treat both the pain and the sleep. But you also can just have a hard time sleeping.


People take antihistamines, but they can give you a hangover. You can get a prescription like Lunesta or Ambien, and there are some more powerful ones, but they could get addictive. You could also use anti-anxiety meds, but that’s dangerous. There’s also one that turns off the wake switch instead of on the sleep switch.

Kelly & Michael: Michael Breus

Michael Breus gave Kelly & Michael some tips for a good night’s sleep. (aslysun /

Kelly & Michael: Best Vitamins for Sleep

You could also go the vitamin route. The B vitamins are always helpful, but don’t take them at night. Take B12, B6, Folic Acid, or Vitamin D. You could also take Valerian. It helps reduce anxiety.


You can also take Melatonin, which is a sleep regulator. Look for a small dose and take it 90 minutes before bed. Breus joked you could also eat a 46 pound turkey.

Kelly & Michael: Banana Tea for Sleep

You can also have Banana Tea. Boil a banana with the peel for seven minutes. You can add honey or flavor it if you want. Kelly tried it and loved it.

Kelly & Michael: Sleep-Friendly Bedroom

At the end of the show, Kelly & Michael were actually in bed. You can remake your bedroom into a sleep-friendly environment. Stop having caffeine by 2 p.m. Leave space for one hour per glass of alcohol before you go to sleep.

There are specialty light bulbs that screen out blue light. Reading is good, but use a book light. Lower the brightness of an iPad. Blackout shades are good. You can also use white noise, pink noise, or ocean sounds. You could also use ear plugs.

Pillows are important. Replace them once a year. Kelly’s had hers for 10 years, and Breus said that was gross. Aromatherapy could also be helpful.

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