Kelly & Michael: Sir Ian McKellen Universal Life Church + Repertory


Kelly and Michael: Sir Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellen has quite the film resume, and right now he is on Broadway in two repertory plays with Patrick Stewart, Waiting for Godot and No Man’s Land. He visited Kelly and Michael for a tropical interview that included a quiz of Shakespearean quotations.

Kelly & Michael: Universal Life Church

In speaking about Valentine’s Day, Sir Ian McKellen said he wears his heart on his sleeve. The hosts asked McKellen about performing the wedding for his friend, Patrick Stewart. He was ordained online through the Universal Life Church, and and admitted that he teared up when he started performing the ceremony.


Kelly and Michael: Sir Ian McKellan Free Time

Kelly & Michael: Sir Ian McKellen Universal Life Church + Repertory

Sir Ian McKellen, ordained by the Universal Life Church for Patrick Stewart’s wedding, told Kelly & Michael that repertory productions are never boring. (Featureflash /

How does McKellen spend his time when he is not working or performing? He said he loves to have eight hours of sleep at night, and he also enjoys an afternoon nap before a performance. He said he has enjoyed Carol Channing performing onstage, but he spends most of his nights quietly at home.

Kelly & Michael: Shakespeare or Not

The hosts also put McKellen to the test with a Shakespeare or Not quiz. Non-Shakespearean phrases from the game were credited to Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, and McKellen himself! Did you know there is a knock-knock joke in MacBeth?


Kelly and Michael: Sir Ian McKellen Repertory

In a clip from one of McKellen’s stage performances, his character complains about his mother’s malevolence. Kelly Ripa thinks that McKellen and Stewart are “my ultimate Broadway super couple.” Since they are performing the two plays in repertory, do they ever get them confused? Sir Ian said you don’t get them confused, and it keeps you engaged since you are switching back and forth.

“It’s been the best job of my life from that point of view,” he said. You can see the plays now at New York City’s Cort Theatre.


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