Kelly & Michael: Shawn Achor ‘The Happiness Advantage’


Kelly & Michael: Shawn Achor Kick Start the New Year

Live! With Kelly & Michael continued with its “Kick Start the New Year” segments. First, they had “Kick Start the New Year: Fitness Edition.” Then, they had “Kick Start the New Year: Nutrition Edition.” Now, they’re doing “Kick Start the New Year: Wellness Edition.” First up was author Shawn Achor, who talked to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about his guide to happiness, which I was pretty excited for. It’s always good to get some tips on how to lead a happier life and Achor seems like he knows what he’s talking about, so I was really looking forward to this segment.

Kelly & Michael: Shawn Achor

Shawn Achor talked to Kelly & Michael about happiness. (DVARG /


Kelly & Michael: Shawn Achor ‘The Happiness Advantage’

Achor is one of the leading experts on the connection between happiness and success and wrote The Happiness Advantage. He traveled 51 countries to understand happiness and learned that you can choose happiness. Happiness is a choice. People think they can’t be happy because of their genes or something happening in life, but you can choose happiness. It’s scientific.

Kelly & Michael: Happiness Habits

They had some smiley faces on the floor and did experiments. One thing you can get into the habit of is send appreciation. You send one person some appreciation, from Twitter to email to anything. You get things back from them, but you also get addicted to it. Kelly appreciated her husband taking care of her while she was sick, and Michael sent a tweet.

They ran out of time for happiness with Achor today and had to cut his segment short, but they promised to do a web exclusive after the show, which I’m definitely going to check out. I also think I’m going to check Achor’s book, The Happiness Advantage, out. I really do think it’s important to make decisions to make your life a happier one.


While I’m not entirely convinced that you can just change your entire mood or disposition, I do think there are habits that you can create for yourself to make yourself a happier person, and I’m interested to see what else Achor came up with. I thought that though it was short, it was a very interesting segment with some great points.

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  1. Marjorie Hannay says

    I am very puzzled as to why the Happiness video by Shawn Achor is not available. I
    just watched your show this morning saying
    it is available to watch on your website.
    I was looking forward to watching it, and
    therefore am very disappointed. ?????????

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