Kelly & Michael: Seth Rogen 13-Year-Old Comedian & This is the End


Kelly & Michael: Seth Rogen on Meeting Andy Samberg

Seth Rogen was the first guest on Live!’s June 11 2013 episode. He looked pretty excited to see his old friend Andy Samberg co-hosting the show.

“You got the most opposite guy from Michael Strahan,” commented Rogan.


As for knowing Samberg, he said they met while doing a skit about Google for the MTV Movie Awards. He said it was back in the day when Google was first becoming a company.

Seth Rogen Starts Stand-Up Career at 13

Kelly & Michael: Seth Rogen 13-Year-Old Comedian & This is the End

Seth Rogen talked with Kelly Ripa and Andy Samberg about This is the End, starting his stand-up career at the age of 13 and he gave some marriage advice.
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Seth Rogen started his stand-up career really early. He said he was 13-years-old when he performed for the first time. He had been going to comedy workshops, played a few gigs and before he knew it he was working with other comics. As for young comedians now, he said he would hate listening to a 13-year-old comedian.


He added that his first gig was at a lesbian bar in Vancouver named Lotus Flower.

Seth Rogen Advice for Getting Married

Kelly Ripa wanted Seth Rogen to give Andy Samberg advice about marriage since he was recently married and I would have to say his advice was pretty good.

Rogen said a wedding is the one thing all women dream about so you have to let them do it their way. He likened it to fighting Steven Seagal. Rogen has dreamed about fighting Steven Seagal since he was a little kid so if it was about to happen finally and his wife came over to give him suggestions about fighting Steven Seagal, he would let her know he can handle this. He’s been dreaming about it his whole life.

Seth Rogen: This Is The End Review

Kelly Ripa called Seth Rogen’s new movie, This is the End, “The first feel good apocalypse movie.”

Rogen said all the characters in the film play fictionalized versions of themselves, adding the film versions are dumber and more evil versions of themselves.

While everyone in the cast is friends, Kelly Ripa wanted to know why Andy Samberg was isn’t in the film. It turns out the movie was filmed when Saturday Night Live was filming.

“There was an SNL-shaped void in the film,” joked Rogen.

Kelly Ripa: This Is The End Review

Even if no one from SNL was in the film, they still had a ton of famous people in the movie. It was hard getting everyone on set though. Rogen said it was hard to convince people to head to New Orleans, where they shot the film, but the drinking on the street thing really helped.

“It was a good incentive for Rihanna,” said Rogen, who added the fact that she was there was incredible to him. He was very nervous around all the famous people, especially Rihanna, saying all his friends combined are not as famous as her.

Surprisingly, the film was not all improvisation but Rogen seemed to wish it was. He said they had to write a script to get money from the studios but they did improvise almost half the movie.


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