Kelly & Michael: Ryan Lochte Strip Trivia & ‘Lochte Hardcore’ Review


Kelly & Michael: Ryan Lochte

All this week, the co-hosts have been getting to know superstar athletes. They concluded this theme week with a visit from 11-time Olympic medalist and media darling Ryan Lochte, the swimmer who seems dead set on parlaying his Olympic moment into a small media empire. Check out the questions from Ryan Lochte strip trivia and find out where to get his Lochte Hardcore DVD.

Ryan Lochte wore all 11 of his medals out on the stage, but couldn’t be bothered to dress up. He wore a sweatsuit and explained to Kelly that his gold medals are actually solid gold. I’m a little surprised it didn’t knock her over when she put it around her neck.


Live!: Ryan Lochte Strongman

Ryan Lochte Strip Trivia: Kelly & Michael

Kelly & Michael challenged Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte to a game of strip trivia. (Helga Esteb /

Michael said he would’ve thought Olympic swimmers did all their training the pool, but Ryan set him straight about their regimen.

“I have one of the most unique training schedules,” Ryan said. He does Strongman competitions as his workout, moving tractor tires and kegs. “Honestly, I think I’m the only swimmer to ever do that.”


Kelly & Michael: Ryan Lochte One Night Stands

At the Olympics, Ryan Lochte’s mom made headlines for saying her son is prone to one-night stands, since he’s too busy to have time for a committed relationship. Ryan said his mother misspoke and didn’t realize the meaning of the phrase “one-night stand.” Kelly brought up the subject of his mom’s outspokenness.

Ryan said he isn’t dating anyone right now, and he felt bad for his mother, who wasn’t expecting the media scrutiny. Kelly said the incident probably endeared her to fans, speculating that women like the idea of landing the the bad boy for a one-night stand.

Challenge with the Champions: Ryan Lochte

This week, Kelly & Michael have taken on Amar’e Stoudemire and representatives from the US Women’s Gymnastics and Soccer Teams in their Challenge with the Champions competitions. Their final competitor was Ryan Lochte, in a game of strip trivia.

The co-hosts dressed down to Ryan’s level for the competition. “We’re all wearing a shirt and pants over our bathing suits,” Kelly explained, adding that for each trivia question they got wrong, they’d have to strip off a layer. The loser would eventually wind up in the dunk tank.

Kelly & Michael: Water Trivia with Ryan Lochte

  • What was the first ship to have a heated swimming pool?

Ryan guessed the Titanic, which was correct.

  • What burns off more calories: swimming, walking or biking?

Michael guessed swimming, which was right.

  • How do you spell pool?

Kelly breezed through her easy question.

Strip Trivia: Bikini Origins & Weight of Water

  • Who was the bikini named after?

Ryan guessed “reef” or something, but the answer is Bikini Atoll, a US South Pacific nuclear testing site. Clearly, the goal was just to strip Ryan down, which the audience was completely fine with.

  • What is the slowest Olympic stroke?

Michael was wrong with his guess of the backstroke. The right answer is breaststroke.

  • What is water called when it’s frozen?

Obviously, Kelly wouldn’t be losing any clothes with her answer of ice.

  • How much does a gallon of water weigh?

Ryan’s answer of 24 pounds was way off. The answer is 8.34 pounds. Ryan slowly stripped off his socks and shoes before dropping his sweatpants.

  • What percentage of people do not know how to swim?

Michael was saved by the bell once Ryan finally got his pants off, but the answer is 36%.

Live!: Ryan Lochte Dunk Tank

Ryan was the loser in strip trivia, so he climbed in the dunk tank and watched as Kelly and Michael attempted to dunk him. After several missed shots, Michael finally landed the victory shot before climbing into the tank himself to give Ryan a shot.

Michael’s taunts were answered by a prompt dunking by Kelly and Ryan.

Ryan Lochte Hardcore Fitness Video Review

If you want to train like Ryan, check out his Lochte Hardcore fitness DVD, dropping September 30 2012. Or you could just do Strongman, apparently.

“It’s about all of the core that I do for my training,” Ryan said of the forthcoming video.


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