Kelly & Michael: Russell Crowe Hit by Friendly Fire from Baby Superman


Live! with Kelly: Russell Crowe is Mark Consuelos Favorite Actor

Mark Consuelos was super excited to be co-hosting the show with his wife today because his favorite actor, Russell Crowe, was stopping by to talk about his role in Man of Steel.

Mark told him his litmus test for how much he likes a certain actor is how much a caveman that actor could really be.


“You put off a really good caveman,” said Mark Consuelos.

Crowe didn’t really know what to say but he told him to head to Australia and they can make fires together in the “bush.” Mark even said his performances in Les Miserables made him even more manly.

Les Miserables Perform Song Live at Academy Awards for First Time

Kelly & Michael: Russell Crowe Hit by Friendly Fire from Baby Superman

Russell Crowe was on Live! to talk about his role in Man of Steel but really only talked about how he was peed on by baby Superman.
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Consuelos said he really loved watching the Academy Awards this year because of the Les Miserables performance which Crowe said was funny because it was almost a disaster.

Apparently, when the producers of the awards chose the song they forgot to take into account that the cast had never done the song together. In the movie, the song is shot in six locations with everyone singing their parts during different scenes. They never actually shot it together.

“It is movie sensibility, not theater sensibility,” said Crowe of the performance.

So the first time they rehearsed was the first time they did the song together. They only had a few rehearsals before they had to perform the song live in front of what Crowe said was two billion people. They went right down to the wire on the performance because Hugh Jackman had to hit his mark exactly but he couldn’t do it until the final rehearsal before the performance.

Crowe had a great time performing the song though. He even said Jackman gave everyone a pep talk in his dressing room before the show to get everyone pumped up.

“There was an immense amount of love in that cast,” said Crowe.

Kelly & Michael: Russell Crowe as Jor-El in Superman

Russell Crowe plays Jor-El in Superman but he has never even seen a Superman movie. He said the only thing he ever saw was the Superman man show in black in white when he was young kid in Australia.

“You had two options in Australia. You can watch Superman or Lucille Ball,” said Crowe

He said it was too late to watch a Superman movie when he started filming Man of Steel since the movie is reimagined. He didn’t want to get too attached to a past Superman movie and then walk on set of Man of Steel and have to do something totally different.

Kelly and Michael: Russell Crowe Urinated on by Baby Superman

In the movie, Crowe works with the infant Superman a lot but he didn’t have any luck dodging the friendly fire. He told Kelly and Mark he felt bad for the actress playing his wife in the movie because she had to do this unfortunate scene. She basically on set in the morning and had to scream for hours.

But she wasn’t the only one having a bad time.

Crowe said he was used to picking up newborn babies but with his children he got through the birth of his two sons without getting hit by any friendly fire. His wife on the other hand was getting peed on all the time. He was proud of the fact he never got hit but on the set he finally got it by the every one of the four babies playing Superman.

The first one farted on him. Then the second one was like Niagara Falls, which caused the baby to become all slippery leaving Crowe with the his only option;  bear hug the kid to his chest so he didn’t drop him while the child urinated on him.

Mark mentioned it is good luck to be peed on by a baby, to which Crowe said he must be the luckiest man on the planet.

You can see more of Russell Crowe in Man of Steel which opens nationwide today, June 14 2013.


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