Kelly & Michael: Rosamund Pike Sick Bag Collection + Gone Girl


Kelly & Michael: Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about the highly anticipated movie Gone Girl, which is based on the book and is about a man, played by Ben Affleck, who’s accused of murdering his wife after she disappears. The trailers look amazing and I’m really excited for this movie.

Kelly & Michael: Rosamund Pike Baby

Pike is very pregnant. She was promoting a different film in Berlin and the director put his hand on her bump. “You can’t do that,” she said. “Because that’s a sign that it’s your baby.” She also went on the Today Show and the host asked her when she’s due, but she heard, “What did you do?” It was a little uncomfortable. She’s seven months pregnant, and this is baby number two. She decided to surprise herself with the gender of the baby.


Kelly & Michael: Rosamund Meaning

Kelly & Michael: Rosamund Pike Sick Bag Collection + Gone Girl

‘Gone Girl’s’ Rosamund Pike, which also stars Ben Affleck, talked about meeting David Fincher and getting the role with Kelly & Michael. (Featureflash /

Rosamund is a very unique name. It comes from a Latin word that means “Rose of the World.” But when she goes to Germany it means “Pink Mouth,” which is hilarious. That’s not quite as elegant.

Kelly & Michael: Rosamund Pike Plane Sick Bag Collection

Pike just flew in from London yesterday. She has some rituals when she flies. She’s the only one clapping when the plane lands. She also used to collect plane sick bags when she was a kid. Her parents used to travel a lot and couldn’t always get her a souvenir, so she asked them to bring her a sick bag.


Kelly & Michael: Gone Girl Review

Gone Girl is based on a bestselling book about a man who’s accused of killing his missing wife. Pike plays the missing wife or the “gone girl,” but she’s not all that she seems either. Pike only started reading the book when she started talking to David Fincher. Then she raced through it because you can’t put it down. “You’ve never read a story with so many twists and turns,” she said.

Meeting Fincher was like being X-rayed. She felt like she was being peeled away. Plus being considered for the role really said something about her. Then she flew to St. Louis to meet him for a dinner. They started on water and ended on whiskey by the end of the night, but that story’s been told so many times that it’s completely morphed into something else. Someone asked Pike if Fincher sent a private jet filled with whiskey to convince her to take the part.

Looking back, Kelly said that she completely envisioned Pike in the role when she read the book. Pike was shooting a scene with Neil Patrick Harris while Kelly was on vacation. He likes pictures of food so she sent him a picture of a meal she was having and he sent her a picture of the horrific scene they were shooting and she couldn’t finish her meal.

In the clip of Gone Girl, Pike meets Affleck for the first time. “Gee I hope those two crazy kids make it,” Kelly said. Gone Girl will be in theaters on October 3 2014.


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