Kelly + Michael: Roma Downey Son of God & Touched by an Angel


Kelly and Michael: Roma Downey

Roma Downey is remembered for her starring role in Touched by an Angel, and she can also be seen in theaters this spring as Mary, the mother of Jesus, in the theatrical release Son of God. Downey visited Kelly and Michael to chat about that and more.

Kelly & Michael: Roma Downey Touched by an Angel

Downey said that she tends to work out during the show, which is on TV at her gym. “You are such an inspiration to me,” she told Kelly Ripa, who is known for her workouts.


Kelly + Michael: Roma Downey Son of God & Touched by an Angel

Roma Downey, fondly remembered for her role in Touched by an Angel, told Kelly & Michael about casting Diogo Morgado in the biblical movie Son of God. (Helga Esteb /

Michael Strahan called Touched by an Angel groundbreaking, and Roma said that she appreciated the show’s inspiration and hope. She said that she is blessed to remain close with former co-star Della Reese, who is the godmother of her children and has been like a mother to Roma herself.

Kelly and Michael: Roma Downey & Mark Burnett

Downey is married to reality super producer Mark Burnett, who is behind shows like Survivor, Shark Tank, and The Voice. They first met at a salon, where Roma was having a mani-pedi (her husband was also there). Their eyes met in the mirror several times, and I guess Roma skipped over the part where she had to get divorced from her husband, who was also there, but Burnett and Downey do seem like a well-matched couple.


Kelly & Michael: Roma Downey Son of God

Roma Downey stars as Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, in the movie Son of God, which is edited from episodes of her miniseries with Burnett, The Bible. Kelly Ripa said the project is very emotional.

Downey said it follows Jesus from birth through resurrection, and it is in theaters February 28 2014. “It was such an honor to be able to play the role of Mary,” Downey said.

Kelly and Michael: Roma Downey & Diogo Morgado

Diogo Morgado, who portrays Jesus, recently appeared on Live. Morgado is a popular star in Spain and Portugal, and Downey said that he had the perfect qualities she and Burnett were looking for.

A film about Jesus hasn’t been in theaters in a decade, and the story of his whole life has not been seen at the movies in about 50 years. But now a new generation can see the film in time for Easter.


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