Kelly & Michael: Roger Goodell 2013 NFL Draft & Heads Up Football Plan


Kelly & Michael: Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell said he was rejected about 50 times before being hired as an intern for the NFL. It was his lifelong dream to work for the NFL and he didn’t let rejection get to him. He sent them so many letters they probably hired him to stop the correspondence.

NFL: Disciplining Players

Kelly & Michael: Roger Goodell 2013 NFL Draft & Heads Up Football Plan

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell visited Kelly & Michael to talk about the new safety regulations for the NFL and football leagues across the country.


As a commissioner, the hardest decisions he has to make are player discipline issues. He said that it is difficult to see someone hurting when they had such big dreams, but it gets better when they begin to turn things around. Goodell said some of his best relationships are with the players and men he has had to discipline.

Kelly and the rest of the country want to know why the Super Bowl is not on a Saturday night. Goodell said they would love for the Super Bowl to become a national holiday and have a three day weekend. He said he would like to call President Obama and get a Monday off for the entire country.

NFL Plans to Improve Player Safety

Roger Goodell said they are always trying to make the game safer and better. They want to improve the equipment and not use the helmets as weapons. They are investing over $100 million to research safety. This research will not only benefit football players, but also the military and other sports.


Michael Strahan: Heads Up Football Program

Michael Strahan is a part of the Heads Up Football program that Roger Goodell started. It teaches tackling and proper football techniques to kids, starting at a very young age. This program currently has over 30,000 coaches signed up to be certified. This teaches coaches and players the proper techniques to make everyone safer. They hope to have 1,000 leagues across the country.

NFL Draft Thursday April 25 on ESPN

The NFL Draft starts on Thursday April 25. Goodell gives each player a big hug and tells them congratulations as the are accepted into the league.

Goodell brought jerseys for Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. They got their official first round draft pick moment with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.


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