Kelly & Michael: Rita Wilson “Girls” Season 3 & “AM/FM” Live Tour


Rita Wilson: Contestant On Dancing With the Stars?

Actress and singer Rita Wilson appeared on Live! with Kelly & Michael to discuss her new tour. But first, Kelly couldn’t help but admire Rita’s studded black pumps. Rita was still buzzing from meeting Lisa Vanderpump backstage, because she’s a self-admitted “Bravo-holic.”

Rita watches all the Real Housewives shows and also loves Dancing With the Stars. So would Rita ever consider dancing? She admitted she’s a bit too scared. She knows that contestants only get four days to practice each dance, and she wouldn’t want to compete against 16-year-olds!


Kelly & Michael: Rita Wilson "Girls" Season 3 & "AM/FM" Live Tour

Rita Wilson discussed season three of Girls and her AM/FM album tour with Kelly & Michael. (s_bukley /

Rita Wilson: Allison Williams’ Mom On Girls

Rita has recently appeared on the hit HBO comedy series Girls as Allison Williams’ cougar mother. The part came about as a “fluke,” but Rita remembers meeting Allison for the first time when she was just 16. She remembered Allison as “bright, intelligent, gorgeous and wonderful,” and Rita wanted her to marry her son!

Plus, Rita shared some breaking news: she was happy to announce that she’ll be back for the third season of the hit show.


Rita Wilson: Tom Hanks’ Broadway Debut

Rita’s husband Tom Hanks just made his Broadway debut in the play Lucky Guy. “He’s having the best time,” Rita said. Lucky Guy was written by the late, great Nora Ephron.

Since Rita has worked on Broadway before (most recently in Chicago), she was able to pass along some helpful advice. She told Tom to always eat three-four hours before showtime, not just a few minutes before. It’s also key to preserve your voice at night.

Rita Wilson: AM/FM Live Tour

Recently, Rita released her debut album. AM/FM is a covers album featuring classic songs from the 1960s and 70s. Now, Rita is making like a true musician and hitting the road! Her small, intimate tour will feature seven shows beginning on April 14.

Rita loves performing live even though she still gets a bit nervous. When you perform in an intimate venue, you can make eye contact with audience members! That must be pretty nerve-wracking. Rita’s first performance will be at New York City’s 54 Below on April 14 2013.


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