Kelly & Michael: Rebecca Romijn Lake Ontario Fall & TNT King & Maxwell


Live With Kelly & Michael: King & Maxwell Preview

Rebecca Romijn is starring in a new TNT series based on a book series by David Baldacci. Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are two ex-secret agents that become private investigators. Rebecca plays Maxwell and Jon Tenney is Sean King.

“He is the man of words and Michelle Maxwell is the woman of action,” Rebecca said.


Kelly & Michael: Rebecca Romijn Lake Ontario Fall & TNT King & Maxwell

Rebecca Romijn stars as Michelle Maxwell in TNT’s King & Maxwell. She’s the “woman of action” and Jon Tenney plays the “man of words.” (Helga Esteb /

Rebecca Romijn Rowed in College & Falling into Lake Ontario

They are filming the series in Vancouver. King believes in the truth and Michelle wants to use “her fists,” said Rebecca. Her character used to by an Olympic rower and Romijn rowed in college. She went to Toronto in November in freezing temperatures to start rowing training. She thought she was hot stuff walking into training sine she had past experience.

When Rebecca Romijn got to the dock she thought she would be in a wider rowing boat, like she had in college. Those boats could withstand waves and rarely tipped over. The boat she was using for King & Maxwell was a flat, narrow scull boat with a precariously perched seat.


“Within three minutes I was in Lake Ontario,” she said.

Rebecca Romijn: King & Maxwell Review

In a clip from the series, Rebecca Romijn has more whits than she previously alluded to. Her character doesn’t follow the rules and doesn’t respect authority. The series already has Leverage star Christian Kane and Romijn’s husband Jerry O’Connell tapped to guest star in their first season. Look for Sons of Anarchy‘s Ryan Hurst in the series as well.

The biggest buzz about this series is Romijn and Tenney’s chemistry. They already have plenty of production photos of the two hugging it out on set. Could there be a love connection between their characters brewing?

King & Maxwell premieres Monday June 10 on TNT.


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