Kelly & Michael: Rapid Fire Round with Ann & Mitt Romney


Kelly & Michael: Ann & Mitt Romney Exclusive Interview

Ann & Mitt Romney made their daytime television debut on Live! with Kelly and Michael September 18. After some hard-hitting questions and serious political talk with the Romneys, it was time to change things up with a little light-hearted fun. Kelly & Michael decided to play a special edition game of rapid fire questions with Ann & Mitt Romney.

Kelly warned the Romneys, “if you think a political debate is tough, then buckle up!”


Ann & Mitt Romney: Guilty Pleasures & Favorite Football Team

Kelly & Michael: Rapid Fire Round with Ann & Mitt Romney

Ann & Mitt Romney played a rapid fire game with Kelly & Michael on September 18. (Maria Dryfhout /

Through the questions, we got to learn a lot about the Presidential hopeful and his wife, Ann, that we didn’t know before. For example: what are their biggest guilty pleasures? For Mrs. Romney, it’s donuts. For Governor Romney, it’s peanut butter sandwiches and chocolate milk.

On the other hand, what about pet peeves? Governor Romney really can’t stand the way that his wife squeezes toothpaste out of the tube! Meanwhile, Governor Romney snores, but “only sometimes.”


Michael was not pleased to learn Governor Romney’s favorite football. team. “Sorry, Mr Giants,” he said. “I’m a New England Patriots fan.”

Ann Romney: Walking in on George Bush

When asked to share embarrassing stories, Governor Romney discussed the time that a stage collapsed from under his wife in Iowa. However, Mrs. Romney’s story was even more cringe-worthy. Once, she and her husband had been invited to stay at the White House as guests of President Bush. While exploring all of the historic rooms, Mrs. Romney got a bit more than she bargained for: she opened a door and walked in on George Bush getting a massage!

Ann & Mitt Romney: Favorite Show and Snooki or Honey Boo Boo?

Ann & Mitt Romney both agreed that their favorite television show is Modern Family, which they enjoy watching together. Plus, they are also fans of reality television. Governor Romney prefers Snooki to Honey Boo Boo–good to know!


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