Kelly + Michael: Ralph Fiennes The Grand Budapest Hotel Review & Beard


Kelly and Michael: Ralph Fiennes Beard

From the movie that’s being called a “comedy caper,” Ralph Fiennes visited Kelly and Michael to promote The Great Budapest Hotel.

Michael Strahan complimented the guest’s beard, and Kelly added that it is soft. He grew it for a role, but he thinks the project is not going to come together. He has enjoyed not shaving in the meantime, so he may hang onto it.


Kelly & Michael: Ralph Fiennes Charades

Kelly + Michael: Ralph Fiennes The Grand Budapest Hotel Review & Beard

Ralph Fiennes, who comes from a big family, talked about the fraternal atmosphere on the set of The Grand Budapest Hotel, where the ensemble dined together. (LaCameraChiara /

Fiennes is one of six children, and Strahan wondered what his family did together. They would play Charades, he said, but they had their own rules, using compound words (like “fitfull”) instead of movies or books. The team would have to act out both parts of the word in separate scenes.

Liam Neeson recently said that he is frequently confused for Fiennes, and Ralph confirmed that this happens to them all the time. I bet it doesn’t help that they are friends and may sometimes be seen together.


Kelly and Michael: Ralph Fiennes James Bond Movies

Fiennes was once considered to portray James Bond, but now he is calling the shots as M in the most recent film from the franchise. The hosts also ambushed Fiennes with a clip of his 1991 appearance in the classic Helen Mirren series Prime Suspect.

Kelly & Michael: Ralph Fiennes The Grand Budapest Hotel Review

Ralph’s latest film is The Grand Budapest Hotel, in which he plays Gustav, an old-school concierge with a taste for older women. The movie was written and directed by Wes Anderson, and the part was crafted with Fiennes in mind.

It is flattering to be thought of, but it can be a lot of pressure not to disappoint someone and the vision they had. The cast of the film is littered with A-listers and familiar film stars. Kelly raved about Tilda Swinton, whom Fiennes worked with for the first time in this movie, where she may be hard to spot at first due to her costuming.

Anderson created a family atmosphere for the cast, putting them up in the same hotel and encouraging them to eat meals together as a group. In a scene from the movie, Fiennes’ character has to decide what to do about questioning by the police regarding their activities.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is in theaters on Friday, March 7 2014.


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