Kelly & Michael: Rachel Bilson LA Native + Hart of Dixie Season 3


Kelly & Michael: Rachel Bilson

From The CW drama Hart of Dixie, Rachel Bilson visited Kelly & Michael as another last-minute replacement guest. The hosts chatted with her about season three of Hart of Dixie and what it’s like being from Los Angeles.

During Bilson’s previous visit to the show, she and Strahan recreated a classic movie moment from Dirty Dancing, which she called the “best movie ever.” She said that one of these days, they will have to recreate the moves again and do it right.


Kelly & Michael: Rachel Bilson LA Native + Hart of Dixie Season 3

From the third season of The CW’s Hart of Dixie, Rachel Bilson told Kelly & Michael that she sometimes forgets she is not a doctor in real life. (Helga Esteb /

She loves the movie and had a huge crush on Patrick Swayze. Bilson also loves Jeopardy, though she is more confident at home than she could ever be on the show, where she predicted she would lose.

Kelly and Michael: Rachel Bilson LA Native

Bilson is an LA native, but these days she splits her time with a home north of Toronto, and this winter, she felt the experience of frozen nose hairs for the first time. She is OK venturing outside California, but does not appreciate the winters.


Rachel Bilson is the rare LA native, because as Kelly pointed out, most residents are transplants there to chase dreams. Bilson said she has gotten some weird looks when people find out that she is from Los Angeles.

Kelly & Michael: Rachel Bilson Hart of Dixie Season 3

The hosts watched a scene of Bilson from this season of Hart of Dixie, in which a small town scandal is making waves. The show is now in its third season, which no one can seem to believe. Her character, Dr Zoe, is still crazy, but in a fun way.

Bilson said that she does feel like her medical knowledge from the show seeps into her real life. It sounds like her friends and family are benefitting from this newfound knowledge. But she lives in fear of accidentally responding when someone calls for a doctor on a plane in an emergency.

Though the show’s setting of Bluebell, Alabama, does not exist, there are places like it. You can watch the show Monday nights on The CW.


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