Kelly & Michael: Quvenzhané Wallis Oscars, Christmas + ‘Annie’


Kelly & Michael: Quvenzhané Wallis

Quvenzhané Wallis came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about her new version of the musical Annie, which I am so excited for. She was just nominated for a Golden Globe Award, and she’s so talented. I loved her in Beasts of the Southern Wild. She was actually nominated for an Oscar for it, and was the youngest person ever nominated for Best Actress. She had the best entrance. Kelly said she got tall and was a lady. Then she congratulated her on the Golden Globe nomination.

Kelly & Michael: Quvenzhané Wallis Dog

She’s grown up so much. She’s 11 now. She was nine when she was on the show before. They showed a clip of her on the show before and it was adorable. She had an adorable dog purse. She said her dog purse is real now. She has a dog. She’s had him since he was one and he’s eight now. She has him now instead of her puppy purse because she can take him places now.


Kelly & Michael: Quvenzhané Wallis 'Annie'

Quvenzhané Wallis came by to talk about what it was like working on ‘Annie.’ (Featureflash /

Kelly & Michael: Quvenzhané Wallis Oscars

She showed her talking to Michael on the red carpet at the Oscars with her puppy purse, which was also adorable. She brought candy with her since the show would be long. It was so cute. She remembered all of it. She didn’t just take the candy, she asked for it. She had gummy bears, bubble gum, and chocolate. Her bag barely zipped up and she almost finished all of it.

Kelly & Michael: Quvenzhané Wallis Christmas

She leaves food for Santa. 20 minutes before she goes to bed, she bakes chocolate chip cookies and warms up some milk and leaves them for Santa. She wants toys, toys, toys, and even more toys for Christmas.


Kelly & Michael: Quvenzhané Wallis ‘Annie’

In the clip of Annie, Annie is joking around with Jamie Foxx‘s character. It’s so cute. She said it took her a while to get used to singing. They would play it back and she didn’t want to listen to her voice, but she got used it and liked it.

She liked doing everything in New York. People didn’t really care they were shooting the movie and would ruin the take. She thought it was fun. People would yell out, “Jamie Foxx.” She loved him. He always made her laugh and there was never a dull moment. Michael’s kids loved Annie. Annie opens on December 19 2014.


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