Kelly & Michael: Pierce Brosnan Love Is All You Need & 60th Birthday


Pierce Brosnan Rugby vs Michael Strahan American Football

Pierce Brosnan told Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa that he prefers rugby to American football. He’s from Ireland and they like to play tough and without much protection. Michael said rugby is a sport that he wouldn’t like to get tangled up in. The players often bite and punch and injure each other to score.

Pierce Brosnan told Kelly and Michael that he plans to ask his wife to marry him again. s_bukley /

Pierce Brosnan told Kelly and Michael that he plans to ask his wife to marry him again. (Image Credit: s_bukley /


Kelly & Michael: Pierce Brosnan’s 60th Birthday

For his big 60th birthday, Pierce and his wife are planning to spend the milestone together. He wants a quiet celebration with his wife. He said he plans to ask her to marry him again.

Kelly asked him, if she called the wedding off, would she have to give the ring back? Pierce said he hadn’t thought that far, but hopefully that doesn’t happen.

Live with Kelly & Michael: Love Is All You Need Movie Review

Pierce’s newest film, Love Is All You Need, is something he’s very proud of. He filmed it in 2012 in Sorento, Italy. He said he was fortunate enough to stay in a villa over looking the bay of Naples during filming.


The film is about a woman who is recovering from cancer. She meets Pierce’s character on the way to their children’s wedding in Italy. He plays a man that has lost faith in the world after his wife dies.

Pierce Brosnan’s First Wife Died of Cancer

He connects with the film in a few ways, including being a father. He lost his first wife to cancer so he connected to the emotions.

The film was directed by Susanne Bier, who won an Academy Award for her film In A Better WorldPierce said his role was really written for him. He described it as a Mama Mia type romance, but don’t worry, Pierce doesn’t sing. He’s learned his lesson with that one.

Love Is All You Need open in select theaters on May 3 2013.


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