Kelly & Michael: Peter Gros Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Animals


Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom: Peter Gros

Kelly & Michael welcomed animal expert Peter Gros to the show in celebration of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom’s 50th anniversary. To share with the audience, Peter brought some of the coolest and cutest creatures in the world. Lucky for Michael, there were no snakes! Let’s look back at some of these amazing creatures.

Kelly & Michael: Peter Gros Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom Animals

Wildlife expert Peter Gros visited with amazing animals such as a baby camel on Kelly & Michael.


Black Bear

Peter’s Black Bear cubs looked like fairy tale characters – they were so tiny and cute! He explained that the bears are born completely bald and blind, and their mother is still in hibernation during the first few months of their lives. Eventually, females will grow to 350 pounds, while males will reach a whopping 500 pounds. These bears are not aggressive towards people, but it’s important to never feed a Black Bear. Peter explained that if a bear learns to associate people with food, it’s like “a death sentence” for him.

African Hornbill

One of few birds that are carnivores, African Hornbills can live up to 60 years. People in Africa like to have them around because they eat lizards and snakes. Their long, strong beak is made of the same material as our fingernails.


The baboon who visited was pretty cute, but he wasn’t too interested in Kelly or Michael; he only wanted to stuff his face. Peter explained that baboons socialize with each other by grooming and eating lice and ticks. I wonder if that works for bed bugs? If so, New Yorkers may want to keep them around.


Red Fox

The highly intelligent Red Fox is native to North America. They’re the world’s largest fox. They used to be hunted for their beautiful fur, which protects them in all weather conditions.


Next, a small, colorful parrot flew right into Kelly’s palm and stopped for a snack. Many people keep parrots as pets, but Peter does not recommend it. Often, parrots will outlive their owners.


By far the highlight of the segment was the insanely adorable baby camel. Even though he was a giant, Kelly fed him with a bottle (on her tip-toes). According to Peter, camels are expertly designed for living in the desert. Their wide feet are made for walking on sand, and their eyes and noses have built-in protection from sand storms. Camels can also go six months without food, relying just on the fat inside their hump. I don’t know how Kelly or Michael could focus, because those knobbly knees were the cutest things I’ve ever seen!


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