Kelly & Michael: Penny Marshall “My Mother Was Nuts” Interview


Penny Marshall: Growing Up in the Bronx

Now, Penny Marshall is known as a legendary actress, comedienne, and film director. However, it all started with very humble beginnings in the Bronx, New York. When Penny joined Kelly & Michael September 17, she revealed that her Hollywood career was actually a complete accident. Details from Penny’s life and career can be found in her new book, My Mother Was Nuts.

Penny’s mother taught dance in a studio that was located in the cellar of their apartment building. Therefore, Penny grew up dancing (she basically had no choice!). Penny performed jazz, ballet, and tap, and despite the fact that she started dancing against her will, she was pretty good. Penny asked Michael, what about you, can you tap? Michael showed off a few moves that he called the “I’m gonna need a foot massage later” steps.


Penny Marshall Live September 17

Penny Marshall described her childhood and her book “My Mother Was Nuts” on Kelly & Michael September 17.

Penny Marshall: Hollywood Career

Penny later moved to New Mexico to attend the University of New Mexico. While at school she got married, but later divorced. That’s when Penny decided to try her luck in California, where her older brother, Garry, had already been living and working in Hollywood. Soon, Penny would find her starring role on the hit sitcom Laverne & Shirley as the feisty Laverne DeFazio, a role that had been created by her brother.

Penny Marshall: Cancer Survivor

Penny is a cancer survivor and was glad to report that she is “doing fine.” Penny joked that Michael is to blame for her cancer; she was actually at a Giants game watching Michael play when she began to not feel so well, and then the next day, she was in the hospital. She called it “an odd coincidence.” Michael and Penny are actually very good friends.


Penny Marshall: A League of Their Own Steven Spielberg

What did director Steven Spielberg borrow from Penny’s 1992 hit film, A League of Their Own? Steven actually called Penny and asked if he could copy the film’s ending, in which the real female baseball players were all shown, for his film Schindler’s List. Penny said that Steven has always supported her career in directing, which has garnered her many awards and accolades.

For more on Penny Marshall’s incredible adventures in Hollywood, pick up My Mother Was Nuts.



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