Kelly and Michael: Patrick Duffy Grandfather + New Dallas Season 3


Kelly & Michael: Patrick Duffy

Patrick Duffy has starred as Bobby Ewing on Dallas through the decades, and he has reprised his role in the TNT reboot of the classic primetime soap, now in its third season. He visited Kelly and Michael to talk about the sudsy shenanigans taking place this year.

Kelly and Michael: Patrick Duffy Grandfather

Kelly and Michael: Patrick Duffy Grandfather + New Dallas Season 3

Patrick Duffy talked with Kelly & Michael about being a grandfather, his four-decade marriage, and the new season of Dallas, which he considers season 16. (s_bukley /


Patrick Duffy joked that he was mugged by the audience when he shook their hands on his way onto the set. He has been married 42 years to his wife, which is amazing longevity. His wife was a ballerina, and he would narrate educational performances the dancers put on.

He began dating one of the dancers, and the romance has lasted for decades. Now the couple is preparing to welcome a fourth grandchild. He displayed some rubber bands that indicate his status as a grandfather.

Kelly & Michael: Patrick Duffy Oregon Ranch

Duffy lives on a ranch in Oregon, where he likes to give the grandchildren tractor rides and teach them to play with the backhoe. Country chores are fun for them because they live in the city. His granddaughter is seven, and she knows how he makes his living. She can even recognize him in the supermarket.


The three of them recalled his big break in The Man from Atlantis, which earned him the cover of TV Guide. Just a week after that show was canceled, he landed on the iconic series Dallas.

Kelly and Michael: Dallas Season 3

Though this is season three of the Dallas revival, Duffy prefers to think of it as season 16 of the franchise. Kelly Ripa said that she liked that this show picked up where the original series left off. Duffy said that the writers did a great job of modernizing the series for the present day while preserving the elements fans loved.

In a scene from the show, Duffy discusses a complication with his wife, played by Brenda Strong. Is their family going to be safe? You can see new episodes of Dallas Monday nights on TNT.


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