Kelly & Michael: Patricia Heaton Diet + ‘The Middle’


Kelly & Michael: Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton came by to talk to Kelly & Michael about her show The Middle, which I’ve seen a little bit of and think is really cute. I was excited to hear more. Plus, Heaton’s really talented, so I was excited for this interview. She plays a fragile, overworked, Midwestern mom on the show. She had a great entrance and people seemed really excited that she was there. It was a lot of fun.

Kelly & Michael: Patricia Heaton Clothes

Kelly said she has the best clothes and she wants to play in her closet. She said that she doesn’t buy a lot of expensive clothes. She doesn’t keep clothes from her shows because they’re not very good.


Kelly & Michael: Patricia Heaton 'The Middle'

Patricia Heaton came by to talk to Kelly & Michael about her diet and her show ‘The Middle.’ (Jaguar PS /

Kelly & Michael: Patricia Heaton New Year’s Resolution

Heaton’s New Year resolution is to stop watching the ID channel. She and Kelly are obsessed. They think they could commit a murder and get away with it now. Don’t take out a big insurance policy right beforehand or use bleach. She’s always prepared now. She got laser treatment and has her kids’ toy gun ready now.

Check out the video here:


Kelly & Michael: Patricia Heaton Diet

Kelly & Michael have nutrition week now. She came when there’s kale, but she likes coming for ice cream week. She went to a nutritionist and was told to keep a log for a week. She had an app and they said it was the worst food log they’d seen. She had all low fat food, but they all had sugar in them. She could get Type-2 diabetes. She did Paleo for a while. It’s all about no carbs, full fat. “Finally, someone’s come over to my side,” she said. Today was actually Paleo day on the show.

Kelly & Michael: ‘The Middle’

In the clip of The Middle, Heaton’s character was talking about how the do dishes in the tub and she was planning on how to make it better. It was hilarious. Kirstie Alley licked her TV husband last week. She played her high school nemesis. She came back to be her friend and was a little drunk, so she licked his neck.

It seemed far-fetched, but it actually came from a writer’s life. It actually happened. That’s hilarious. It was a little awkward though. Alley looks amazing too. The actor is a pretty shy guy. They’ve been working together for six years. They never kiss on the show. “Like anybody who’s been married for 24 years,” he said. Even that’s awkward, so licking was huge. The Middle airs on Wednesdays on ABC.


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