Kelly & Michael: Omar Epps Marlon Wayans Friendship + Resurrection


Kelly & Michael: Omar Epps

Omar Epps came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about the new season of his show Resurrection, which is about how a bunch of people suddenly and mysteriously come back from the dead. But he’s mostly known for his role on House. He took a video when he came out with his new iPhone 6 and he looked really stylish. He wore a suit last time, but he wanted to change things up this time.

Kelly & Michael: Omar Epps Football

Epps grew up in Brooklyn and he played for the Brooklyn Sky Hawks. They showed a picture and he looked absolutely adorable. He was pretty decent, or at least he thought he was until he got hit really hard. Then he thought, “Maybe I could act like a football player.” Epps even won an MVP award.


Kelly & Michael: Omar Epps High School

Kelly & Michael: Omar Epps Marlon Wayans Friendship + Resurrection

‘Resurrection’s’ Omar Epps talked to Kelly & Michael about who he would bring back if he could. (Helga Esteb /

Epps went to LaGuardia high school for music and performing arts. They had a picture of him and Marlon Wayans at graduation because they actually grew up together. They both really support each other and hang out together. They’re best friends. They try to work together, but they always push each other. “It’s amazing for us both to be living out our dreams,” he said. Their art is their passion and they wanted to be great at it. Billy Dee Williams actually gave their commencement speech. That’s incredible. His mom freaked out. He talked about being passionate about your craft, and that really stuck with Epps.

Kelly & Michael: Resurrection Review

In the clip of Resurrection Epps’ character reveals that he was engaged once, but marriage isn’t for hm. He said that you don’t know if a show’s going to be a hit when you read a script, but for him, it’s all about the challenge. He thought it was special, but getting a hit is next to impossible.


So what’s in store for his character next? Last season Bellamy was reactive, but now he becomes active. There are a lot of questions and a lot of answers, but there are more questions than answer.

How would Epps react if this happened to him? “The first thing? Probably faint,” Epps said. “And then wake up, faint again.” The show really makes you think. Who would Epps want to return? His great grandmother, who he had until he was 16. She was a great woman and he’d love to have her see who he’s become as an actor and a father.

Kelly would bring back her grandmother who died when she was really young, but they had a strong connection. When she passed away, Kelly told her mom they had to go home because her grandmother was going to die. She just felt it. She’d do anything to see her one more time. Michael would bring his grandfather back. He used to cut his hair in high school and college.

It’s such a thought-provoking show. The season two premiere of Resurrection will air on September 28 2014 on ABC.


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