Kelly & Michael: Olivia Wilde ‘The Words’ Review & Rescue Dog Paco


Live!: Olivia Wilde

Kelly Ripa called her an “in demand” actress whose latest project is The Words. The fashionable Olivia Wilde wore her hair up with a black and white dress and red heels for her visit to Live! with Kelly & Michael.

Kelly & Michael: Olivia Wilde Rescue Dog Paco

She talked about her dog, Paco, whom she called “a mystery mutt” that she rescued. Those are really the best kinds of dogs, in all seriousness. Kelly tried to imagine what it must’ve been like at the shelter and thought the dogs must have gone crazy.


“I encourage everyone to rescue dogs. They’re always the better dog,” Olivia said. I know that’s right, Olivia.

Olivia Wilde The Words: Kelly & Michael

Kelly & Michael talked with Olivia Wilde about dovetailing stories in 'The Words' and her rescue dog, Paco. (Featureflash /

Paco is spoiled, though; Olivia is vegan, and while some stars like Alicia Silverstone are making their dogs go vegan, Olivia can’t bring herself to affect his diet. She did take him body surfing this summer.


“I ride him,” she joked. Actually, he braves the ocean to swim alongside her, despite the fact that he recently turned 10.

Live!: Olivia Wilde Apartment

Olivia recently scored a new apartment, which has yet to be painted or decorated. She said she is sleeping on a mattress on the floor. She doesn’t trust her own design instincts, but she is excited about making the space her own. Michael Strahan volunteered to be her design consultant and promised not to deck it out in black leather couches, which Kelly called the official decor of men everywhere.

Kelly & Michael: Olivia Wilde The Words Review

In the new film The Words, Olivia’s character gets to seduce Dennis Quaid’s character. But there’s more to the story than that. Kelly explained that it’s a story about plagiarism; in the movie, an author finds a manuscript and publishes it as his own.

“It’s really interesting. It’s three stories woven together,” she said, delineating three separate couples whose plots interconnect.

Michael asked what it was like working with first-time writers and directors on The Words. Olivia said everyone loved the script, and it quickly sold at the Sundance Film Festival.

In a clip from The Words, Olivia corners Dennis Quaid, whose character is her favorite author. She wants to know if one of his books is autobiographical and what happens after the story ends. “Don’t you know words ruin everything?” Quaid’s character asks.

You can find The Words in theaters now to find out how the stories all come together.


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