Kelly & Michael: “Nikita” Star Maggie Q Martial Arts With Michael


Maggie Q: Dog Lover & Valentine’s Day Date

Each week, actress and action star Maggie Q kicks some serious butt on her CW series NikitaMaggie portrays the title role, a trained assassin who goes rogue in order to take down a corrupt government agency. When Maggie isn’t hunting down evil agents, however, she’s a shoe lover and an animal rescue advocate.

Maggie joined Kelly and Michael in a great pair of shoes that had Kelly feeling rather jealous of her wardrobe. Then, Michael shared a picture from Maggie’s Twitter account of her Valentine’s Day date. No, he wasn’t a hunky Hollywood star, but an adorable pooch that Maggie planted a big kiss on.


Kelly & Michael: "Nikita" Star Maggie Q Martial Arts With Michael

Nikita star Maggie Q demonstrated a lethal knife-fighting technique on Michael Strahan on Live! With Kelly & Michael. (Helga Esteb /

“That’s not even my dog,” she admitted. The dog belongs to a Nikita fan that Maggie recently befriended when the show filmed in her neighborhood. Now, Maggie wants to steal her dog and add him to her family of rescue pups. Maggie cares a lot about animal welfare and often shares her love of dogs with the Twitter community. Her dogs even have their own Twitter accounts!

Maggie Q: Filipino Martial Arts With Michael Strahan

Maggie’s role in Nikita is very action-packed, and she’s always learning new martial arts techniques in order to keep things fresh. Right now, Maggie revealed she’s learning new, Filipino-style martial arts. It’s the sort of fighting that’s used in close corners, like “subway fighting.”


Maggie demonstrated a very scary, lethal knife-fighting technique on Michael. It’s a move that’s used specifically on men. She took him down in a place that really hurts, if you know what I mean!

Maggie Q: Nikita Third Season On the CW

Nikita is currently in its third season, and Kelly and Michael got to preview an upcoming episode with an exclusive clip. Catch all the action for yourself when Nikita airs Friday nights at 8 p.m. on the CW.


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