Kelly & Michael: Miss Universe 2015 Winner Paulina Vega


Kelly & Michael: Miss Universe Paulina Vega

The winner of the Miss Universe competition, Miss Colombia Paulina Vega, came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about her big win. On January 25, millions watched as the crown was placed on her head. She came out with her sash and her crown. And she had a great energy. She had a huge smile on her face, was dancing and was lip syncing. Kelly said she was gorgeous and she admitted that she always wanted to be a singer, which was why she was lip syncing.

Kelly & Michael: Paulina Vega on the Weather

Miss Universe wasn’t so into the weather in New York. It’s so difficult for her. She’s never been in this kind of weather and they don’t have snow in Colombia. She has huge coat now. She even has one from Donald Trump. It says Trump Tower on it. She has a black one, a blue one, a red one, and a yellow one.


Kelly & Michael: Miss Universe Paulina Vega

Miss Universe Paulina Vega from Colombia came by to talk to Kelly & Michael. (GVictoria /

Kelly & Michael: Paulina Vega’s City

Kelly & Michael struggled to pronounce where she was from in Colombia. It’s where Shakira and Sofia Vergara are from too. She taught them how to say it. That’s awesome that they’re from the same city. Kelly asked what happens if an ugly person is born in Colombia. Where do they go?

Kelly & Michael: Paulina Vega Big Family

She’s from a big family too. She has seven brothers and sisters. She joked her parents had no TV and had nothing to do. That was hilarious. She loves having such a big family though. They have so much fun together.


Kelly & Michael: Colombia’s Reaction

They then showed a montage of Miss Universe at the pageant including all of her looks. It was very exciting. She was the first Miss Universe from Columbia in 56 years. She was the second one from Colombia ever. It’s a huge deal. There was chaos and partying in the street back in Colombia.

Kelly & Michael: Pageant Walks

Miss Universe has different walks for the evening gown versus the swimsuit competition. So, she taught Kelly & Michael her different walks. Kelly wanted to learn how to walk and accentuate her curves. She said you need to do it with personality and energy. You need to use your hips and pose.


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