Kelly & Michael: Michael Chiklis “Vegas” Interview


Michael Chiklis: Playing a Gangster is Fun

Michael Chiklis is an award-winning actor who has played a diverse variety of roles. However, he’s never played a gangster– until now! Michael joined Kelly & Michael looking classic and dapper in a suit and fedora. He admitted that playing a gangster– on his new television show, Vegas– is definitely fun. Kelly told him that he looks the part. “I don’t know whether that’s a compliment or not!” Michael said.

Michael Chiklis: New England Patriots Fan

Kelly & Michael: Michael Chiklis "Vegas" Interview

Michael Chiklis discussed his new show “Vegas” on Live with Kelly & Michael. (Ben Haslam / Haslam Photography /


Michael is a die-hard fan of the New England Patriots, to the chagrin of his friend, Michael Strahan. Michael Chiklis admitted to having a “man crush” on Patriot Tom Brady. However, like a true sportsman, Michael Chiklis did give lots of credit to the accomplishments of the Giants while Michael Strahan was a part of the team.

To put the Giants vs. Patriots feuding to an end, Michael Strahan gave Michael Chiklis a peace offering in the form of a signed New York Giants hat. “I’ll never wear it, but I will put it in a glass case,” Michael Chiklis said.

Michael Chiklis: Vegas on CBS

Vegas is a period drama set in Nevada during the 1960s. Kelly loves period shows, and she asked Michael, what makes them so popular? Michael responded that a lot of people still remember the style of the 1960s. That era was the growth period for Las Vegas, when it went from small town to booming tourist attraction.


In order to prepare for his role as a tough Las Vegas gangster, Michael met with a real-life retired gangster (no, he didn’t reveal any names). They ate with Michael’s wife at an Italian restaurant, and Michael had commented that he like the blue cheese in his salad. Hours later, when he got back to his hotel room, he found a giant wheel of blue cheese on ice waiting for him.

Michael Chiklis: Wife Michelle’s Blog

Michael gave his wife, Michelle, a bit of a plug for her blog. It’s called Carpool, Couture and Cocktails, and she started it when his oldest daughter headed off to college. Check it out!

Also don’t miss Vegas, airing Tuesday nights on CBS.


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