Kelly & Michael: Melissa Joan Hart a “Boy Mom” & Melissa & Joey Review


Kelly & Michael: Melissa Joan Hart Doesn’t Want any Girls

First we loved her on the show Clarissa Explains it All and then we loved her on Sabrina the Teenage Witch and now everyone is falling in love with her character on Melissa & Joey.

Melissa Joan Hart was in the studio today and she was looking amazing even though she gave birth just last September. It was her third boy in a row and when the picture of her youngest came up she commented, “He looked like he has a toupee and a beer belly.”


Kelly & Michael: Melissa Joan Hart a "Boy Mom" & Melissa & Joey Review

Kelly and Michael talked with Melissa Joan Hart about her role in Melissa & Joey and she talked about how she is a “Boy Mom.”
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She’s glad about having only boys though. She does not want to have any girls, but for a strange reason. She doesn’t think she could do her daughter’s hair if she had one but Kelly Ripa made sure to point out her daughter probably let her do it anyways.

“I’m more of a boy mom,” said Melissa Joan Hart.


Melissa Joan Hart Started Acting at Age 4

Melissa Joan Hart began acting in commercials at the age of four, eventually making her TV debut alongside Drew Barrymore in an after school special called The Adventures of Con Sawyer and Hucklemary Finn. It was basically the female version of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

Melissa & Joey Picked Up for a Fourth Season

Last Wednesday, May 29 2013, the third season of Melissa & Joey premiered, which was exciting for Melissa Joan Hart, but she said she was even more excited about being picked up for a fourth season, meaning they will make it to 100 episodes.

She pointed out that Clarissa Explains it All only reached 65 episodes and Sabrina the Teenage Witch reached 163 episodes and both of those shows are on all the time. She is hoping the same thing happens to Melissa & Joey as well.

Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence Chemistry

So what makes the show so good? Melissa Joan Hart said it is the chemistry she has with Joey Lawrence. They have both known each for a long time, they both grew up in show business on the East Coast and they both have really good work ethics. She also said they have the same goals as well. They aren’t in the entertainment business to become famous or make a lot of money. They are both acting because they want to a have fulfilling career in show business.

On a side note, what is up with Joey Lawrence’s hair in Melissa & Joey? He looks really weird.


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