Kelly & Michael: Megan Hilty “Smash” & “It Happens All The Time”


Megan Hilty: “Unique” Childhood

Smash star Megan Hilty appeared on Live! With Kelly & Michael for the very first time. Kelly and Michael got to learn a bit more about the Broadway and television actress, who was raised in Kirkland, Washington. Kirkland is the home of Costco, which makes Megan very proud. “I’m never out of paper towels,” she said.

Kelly & Michael: Megan Hilty "Smash" & "It Happens All The Time"

Kelly & Michael spoke with Megan Hilty about her new album and her role on NBC’s Smash. (s_bukley /


Megan described her childhood as “unique.” She liked to stand apart from a crowd, and had a very bizarre, original sense of fashion. An everyday outfit for Megan would feature platform shoes, antique purses and elaborate hair pieces. Sounds like a precursor to a career in theater to me! Megan also loved music from a very young age because her mother, who was tone deaf, would play all different types of music for her.

Megan Hilty: New Album It Happens All The Time

Megan is known for her many Broadway stage roles, including Glinda the Good Witch in Wicked. However, Megan has never released her own music that wasn’t attached to a character or show. She’s about to release her very first album, It Happens All The Time, which isn’t a musical theater album. It features original songs and collaborators such as Ne-Yo and Carrie Underwood.

Megan Hilty: Ivy Lynn On Smash

For two seasons, Megan has portrayed ambitious stage actress Ivy Lynn on Smash. Megan called appearing on television “totally surreal,” but surprisingly, she almost turned down her biggest role to date. She was extremely intimidated by the amount of dancing and didn’t think she could hack it. Luckily, her manager talked her into taking the role, and the rest is history!


See Megan Hilty on Smash Tuesday nights on NBC.


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