Kelly & Michael: Matthew Fox “Alex Cross” Weight Loss & “Emperor”


Matthew Fox: Columbia University Football Player

Did you know that Matthew Fox, star of Lost and the upcoming film Emperor, was a college football star? Unfortunately for Michael’s sake, Matthew is now a Philadelphia Eagles fan. However, he played football during all four years of college at Columbia.

Kelly and Michael checked out Matthew’s football photo, which looks like an old modeling photo. Matthew admitted that during his time at Columbia, the team set the record for most losses. “We’re glad you went into acting,” Kelly said.


Kelly & Michael: Matthew Fox "Alex Cross" Weight Loss & "Emperor"

Matthew Fox discussed his college football career and his new historical film Emperor with Kelly & Michael. (Featureflash /

Matthew Fox: Alex Cross Weight Loss

Matthew’s last movie role was in Alex Cross, where he played the villainous antagonist. Matthew lost a lot of weight and bulked up considerably for the role, so Kelly and Michael wondered how he managed to pull it off. Matthew said that it was 75% diet, which had him eating lots of vegetables and chicken breast, no carbohydrates and no alcohol. Now, he’s having lots of fun putting the weight back on.

Matthew Fox: New Film Emperor

Matthew’s new film, Emperor, is about the American occupation of Japan after World War II. It’s a relatively little known period in world history and something that Matthew didn’t know much about at all. After the Japanese surrendered on August 14, 1945, it was the Americans’ job to hunt down war criminals and also decide whether Emperor Hirohito would continue to rule. “It’s a big moment in our history,” Matthew said.


Matthew’s character, General Bonner Fellers, was a real-life U.S. Army Officer and a Japanese speaker. Therefore, Matthew had to learn a bit of the language in order to play the role. However, he doesn’t remember any of it, besides the obvious “Arigato.”

Kelly and Michael got to preview the film with a clip of Matthew and co-star Tommy Lee Jones, who plays General Douglas MacArthur. See Emperor in theaters on Friday, March 8 2013.


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