Kelly & Michael: Matt Damon The Monuments Men Review + Two-Week Rule


Kelly and Michael: Matt Damon

Matt Damon is an Oscar winner and a father whose latest movie is The Monuments Men. The ever-popular A-lister deflected the audience’s attention back to Michael Strahan for his Hall of Fame news this week, and Kelly Ripa welcomed Damon back, asking him about his move to LA.

Kelly & Michael: Matt Damon Broken Collarbone

He is still going through adjusting to his new home, and he broke his collarbone after taking up mountain biking. It will be another four to six weeks before he is all healed up. But the four girls in his household were good at taking care of him for a few weeks.


Michael Strahan said that he has only ever broken his pinky toe, and Kelly was shocked that his fingers aren’t broken. They just curve from being taped together so long during his football career.

Kelly and Michael: Matt Damon Two-Week Rule

Kelly & Michael: Matt Damon The Monuments Men Review + Two-Week Rule

The Monuments Men star Matt Damon talked with Kelly & Michael about George Clooney’s pranks, his broken collarbone, and his family’s two-week rule. (Jaguar PS /

Matt Damon and his family have a two-week rule, which is an agreement that they will never go more than two weeks without seeing each other. He told Kelly & Michael about the Invictus shoot in South Africa, a seven-week shoot. He actually flew his daughter’s third-grade class to the shooting location so he could see his family, which is pretty impressive.


“It was great for the kids,” he said, because the trip was planned six months in advance, and the curriculum included Nelson Mandela.

Kelly & Michael: Matt Damon George Clooney Pranks

Matt is once again working with George Clooney on The Monuments Men, and Clooney is known for his practical jokes. Matt has gotten caught in the crosshairs lately. When Matt said he wanted to drop a few pounds for his role, George had his wardrobe taken in a bit every time.

This is the actors’ sixth project together, and their first movie was in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, in a scene with Brad Pitt. These days, Damon gets more screen time than he used to.

Kelly and Michael: Matt Damon The Monuments Men Review

The Monuments Men is based on a true story of the art experts who put their lives on the line to recover art stolen by the Nazis. These curators and art professors basically joined the armed services to protect these symbols and artifacts of culture.

Damon also shares the screen with Cate Blanchett once again, and he called her the gold standard of actresses. He is still captivated by her ability to slip into any role she takes on. Matt’s character claims to speak French, but finds out his grasp of the language is terrible.

In a scene from the movie, Damon’s character is on a mission in Paris, attempting to get information from Blanchett’s character. Check out The Monuments Men in theaters beginning February 7 2014.


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