Kelly & Michael: Mark Wahlberg Hand Injury & ‘Pain & Gain’ Diet


Mark Wahlberg: Hand Injury

When Mark Wahlberg joined Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Randy Jackson, it was obvious that something was up with his hand. Mark explained that he was “stung by something” in Miami, developed an infection and there’s now something wrong with his tendon – ouch! It sounds painful and it looked even worse. Mark had a towel wrapped around his arm for most of his interview.

Mark Wahlberg: Academy Awards

Kelly & Michael: Mark Wahlberg Hand Injury & 'Pain & Gain' Diet

Mark Wahlberg discussed his hand injury and his new film Pain & Gain with Kelly and guest co-host Randy Jackson. (s_bukley /


The last time Kelly saw Mark, he was feeling a lot better. She ran into him backstage at the Academy Awards, where Mark left early in order to put his kids to bed. Mark didn’t have to do the red carpet, so he played checkers, watched the opening monologue and then headed home.

Mark Wahlberg: Fan Art & Bahamas Vacation

Mark recently enjoyed some family time in the Bahamas, although eight days in the sun is a little “too hot” for the Boston-bred actor. Mark revealed that during a day at the golf course, a fan brought him a portrait. The next day, he returned with one of Mark’s four children. Mark often receives fan art when he travels, including a recent painting from France.

Kelly also receives fan art, and she showed off one of the very best: a portrait made entirely of Legos. It was actually really cool!


Mark Wahlberg: Transformers 4

Mark Wahlberg will next appear in Transformers 4, a reboot of the popular film franchise featuring an all-new cast. Mark’s kids, who will be making cameos in the film, are all very excited. However, Mark revealed that his four-year-old said the “S” word after watching a Transformers movie, so his wife isn’t too thrilled.

Mark Wahlberg: Pain & Gain Diet

First, we’ll be able to catch Mark Wahlberg in Pain & Gain, an unbelievable true crime story. Set in the 1990s, the film details the events surrounding a group of personal trainers and bodybuilders in Florida who “wanted a shortcut to the American dream.” Mark plays the ringleader of the gang, who is currently on death row in Florida.

In order to portray a bodybuilder, the already fit star had to gain even more muscle. Mark revealed that he reached 212 pounds for Pain & Gain. He took supplements from his “Mark” training line and also ate 10-12 meals a day, even waking up at night to eat again right after dinner. He then began losing weight in order to film Two Guns with Denzel Washington.

Mark showed off an exclusive clip from Pain & Gain, featuring himself and co-stars Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie. Pain & Gain opens nationwide Friday, April 26 2013.


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