Kelly & Michael: Mark Wahlberg Entourage Movie & Lone Survivor


Mark Wahlberg: Red Sox World Series

Actor, producer, and one of Hollywood’s biggest stars Mark Wahlberg decided to stop by. He’s appearing in the new film Lone Survivor, which he discussed in depth with Kelly & Michael. But first, Mark and Michael began with some sports talk.

Kelly & Michael: Mark Wahlberg Entourage Movie & Lone Survivor

Kelly & Michael chatted with Mark Wahlberg about the upcoming Entourage movie and his new film Lone Survivor. (s_bukley /


Michael offered congratulations to Mark’s beloved Red Sox for winning the World Series, which Kelly called “a huge step” for him. Mark appreciated that everyone rallied around Boston after the tragic marathon bombing, and the Red Sox gave the city something to root for. He tried to explain how special it was to his kids, but they didn’t really get it.

When Mark said that Michael should start rooting for the Patriots, he said, “Don’t push your luck.”

Kelly & Michael: Mark Wahlberg Disneyland & Neck Injury

Mark and his wife recently took their boys to Disneyland, but Mark couldn’t really enjoy himself. After suffering a neck injury in Hong Kong, he had to skip most of the rides. His kids, however, had a blast.


Kelly and Michael: Mark Wahlberg First Tattoo

Mark said that his mother isn’t speaking to him right now, because he’s “not her favorite.” Kelly’s theory is that when kids are doing very well, their moms don’t need to give them special attention.

Speaking of Mark’s family, the last time his brother, Donnie Wahlberg, chatted with Kelly and Michael, he made an incorrect claim. He said that Mark’s first tattoo was Sylvester and Tweety Bird; in fact, his first tattoo was a shamrock. Mark corrected that he later used Sylvester and Tweety Bird to cover up the shamrock.

Mark Wahlberg: Entourage Movie Release Date

Mark was producer of the HBO series Entourage, and he was able to confirm that an Entourage movie is, in fact, finally happening! The cast starts shooting in January, and the film will be released sometime around Thanksgiving 2014. Kelly and Michael think they both would make great additions to the cast.

Kelly & Michael: Mark Wahlberg Operation Red Wings

Mark’s new film, Lone Survivor, details Operation Red Wings, “one of the worst tragedies in the history of the Navy SEALS.” Mark portrays a real person, Marcus Luttrell, the hero and only survivor of his four-man team. Mark has portrayed real people in films before, but said this is “the proudest he’s ever been” of a movie role.

Kelly and Michael: Mark Wahlberg Lone Survivor

Nineteen people died during Operation Red Wings, so Mark called Lone Survivor a “tribute” to these fallen heroes. The film is based on a book written by Marcus Luttrell, who put his story into writing so that their memories could live on.

Kelly and Michael watched an intense clip of Mark with co-stars Taylor Kitsch and Ben Foster from Lone Survivor. The film opens on Christmas Day in New York and Los Angeles and nationwide on January 5.


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