Kelly & Michael: Mark Feuerstein Royal Pains Season 5 Premiere Episode


Kelly & Michael: Mark Feuerstein Wants to Host Live!

The last time Mark Feuerstein was on the show he was co-hosting with Kelly Ripa. He really missed being on the other side of the interview. He said it was easier being the host than it was being the person interviewed.

He even seemed heartbroken he didn’t get the hosting job. He joked that he started a support group with other guys who didn’t get the job like Josh Groban and Nick Lachey.


Mark Feuerstein’s Best Friend Since Fourth Grade, Eric Diamond

Kelly & Michael: Mark Feuerstein Royal Pains Season 5 Premiere Episode

Kelly Ripa welcomed Mark Feuerstein on the show to talk about how normal his life really is and to give a sneak peek of their season five premiere.
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Mark Feuerstein lives a very normal life. He said every Monday night he heads over to the house of his best friend since fourth grade, Eric Diamond, to eat salads and watch TV. He joked that they only watch the manliest of programs like Real Housewives, Girls, and when they are feeling real tough they watch Mob Wives.

Mark Feuerstein Uses Doctoring Skills to Help Producer

Mark Feuerstein recently celebrated his birthday by putting his medical knowledge to use. He told Kelly Ripa he was in Austin, Texas, with the cast of Royal Pains when they went out to dinner to celebrate his birthday. While there they met up with producer Charlie Eversole who ended up getting sick later in the night while in the hotel room.


Amid all the chaos and sickness, Feuerstein said his doctor skills from the show kicked in and he gave Eversole a cold towel, he got him some medicine and within a few hours, the producer was back on his feet.

“TV doctors are essentially doctors. If you play a doctor it’s enough medical training,” said Kelly Ripa who continued to called Mark Feuerstein, Dr. Mark Feuerstein for the rest of the show.

Mark Feuerstein: Royal Pains Season 5 Premiere

Royal Pains season 5 is premiering tonight, June 12 2013, on USA Network but even more exciting than that is the fact that the show has already been picked up for a sixth season.

“We can relax. We know we have a job,” said a relieved Mark Feuerstein.

The new season follows Feuerstein’s character after he had brain surgery due to a large explosion. It also dives into his addiction problems since he has to take medications for the pain, medications he was previously addicted to.


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