Kelly & Michael: Mandy Patinkin’s Two Ex-Girlfriend Surprises


Kelly and Michael: Mandy Patinkin

You know Mandy Patinkin as Saul from the Showtime drama Homeland. He visited with Kelly and Michael in an interview so special and full of ex-girlfriend surprises that it had to be taped in advance! The talented singer and actor is growing his beard back after shaving it in the winter. “The beard is back,” Kelly said.

She correctly guessed that Saul will be returning to Homeland for the next season. Mandy Patinkin began growing the beard back on January 1, and he has been tracking its growth so he knows how long it takes to grow it out for the role.


Kelly & Michael: Mandy Patinkin Ex-Girlfriend First Kiss

Kelly & Michael: Mandy Patinkin's Two Ex-Girlfriend Surprises

It was a day of ex-girlfriend surprises for Homeland star Mandy Patinkin, who was ambushed by Kelly & Michael with two treasured faces from his past. (DFree /

During Mandy’s December 2013 appearance with Kelly and Michael, the hosts shared an email with him from Sandy Lustig, his first kiss many years ago. He was thrilled to hear the news back then, and he updated the hosts with the news that he immediately got in touch with her to catch up on their mutual friends from the past.

Before they could reunite in person, she moved to Texas. As for Patinkin’s wife, he said that she invited all her exes to their wedding, so it’s his turn to catch up with an old flame. However, Patinkin and Lustig have yet to reconnect face-to-face…until now!


Kelly and Michael: Mandy Patinkin Childhood Girlfriend Surprise

Patinkin was completely taken by surprise when Sandy walked out from backstage to reenact that first kiss from many years ago. Mandy and Sandy were thrilled to reconnect, and the hosts put up a picture of the pair as kids, which was decidedly not in HD.

Sandy said her last memory of seeing Mandy was back in high school, about 40 years ago. They also talked about playing Spin the Bottle, and Sandy wanted to set the record straight that they actually kissed around ninth grade, not sixth grade.

The woman also remembered being charmed when she received a party invitation from Mandy that called her “Honey.” The reunion was warm and entertaining, and the pair even offered to take over the show.

Kelly & Michael: Mandy Patinkin College Ex-Girlfriend

But the surprises didn’t end there. After a commercial break for everyone to catch their breath, Mandy Patinkin said now that he has caught up with his grammar school girlfriend, he would also like to reconnect with his college girlfriend, Lenore Hanes from Topeka, Kansas. The two attended KU, but Mandy told Kelly and Michael that he has not been able to find a way to get back in touch with her.

He has even called in FBI and CIA connections to catch up with this lost love, and so far no leads have panned out. Though Mandy thought he was having a lark, the hosts did it again, bringing Lenore out from backstage for another touching reunion. The two of them looked great, even though Mandy was wearing tennis shoes.

It really did turn into an edition of This Is Your Life. Mandy explained that he and Lenore were dating in college and shared a dog, Sebastian, spending most of their free time at the theatre. They broke up when he left for New York to pursue acting, but he does recall helping to set up her waterbed for her and her boyfriend.

Norry got the chance to share one of her best memories of performing along with Mandy, which Patinkin said was the last time that his father got to see him perform.

Kelly and Michael: Mandy Patinkin The Wind Rises

Patinkin is one of the voices in the American version of The Wind Rises, a Japanese film that is coming to the US. “It’s about dreams and imagination, and bringing your imagination into reality,” he said. The movie is an Oscar nominee as an animated feature film, and the actor told Kelly and Michael that there is a beautiful love story that takes its time, interwoven with the history of aviation in Japan. You can see The Wind Rises beginning February 28 2014 in theaters across the country.


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