Kelly & Michael: Maggie Gyllenhaal “Won’t Back Down” Interview


Maggie Gyllenhaal: Mom of Two

Academy Award nominated actress Maggie Gyllenhaal is a busy mom of two little girls: six-year-old Ramona and new baby Gloria. Maggie gave birth to Gloria just five months ago, and she already looks great. But how is her life now that she has double the children– and double the work? Maggie said that it’s great, but difficult!

Kelly asked Maggie to imagine those women who have dozens of children. How do they do it? As Michael said, “it’s the hardest job in the world.” Two kids is a much better choice than twenty!


Maggie Gyllenhaal: Brother Jake Gyllenhaal

Kelly & Michael: Maggie Gyllenhaal "Won't Back Down" Interview

Maggie Gyllenhaal discussed her new film “Won’t Back Down” with Kelly & Michael September 24. (Featureflash /

Recently, Maggie’s brother, Jake, appeared on Live! and discussed his two nieces. Maggie said that Jake is a great uncle. He cooks a lot with Ramona, and he is wonderful with little babies. Jake recently moved to New York, and Maggie revealed that he did it to be closer to his sister and her family. At this news, a collective “awww!” rang through the audience.

Maggie Gyllenhaal: Minute of Truth

How much can you learn about Maggie Gyllenhaal is just one minute? Actually, not that much! Maggie gave very slow responses to Kelly & Michael’s “Minute of Truth” game. However, we did learn that Maggie’s favorite body part is her belly button, her refrigerator is filled with yummy farmer’s market produce, and just like Michelle Obama, a date night means “dinner or a movie, not both.”


Maggie Gyllenhaal: Won’t Back Down

Maggie’s latest film is an inspirational story called Won’t Back Down. Maggie stars as a struggling single mom who becomes a hero when transforms her daughter’s inner city school. To do so, she joins forces with a determined teacher (Viola Davis) and the school’s principal (Holly Hunter).

While the film is not based on actual people, it is inspired by actual events of parents and teachers making changes in schools. Maggie loves that the story is so inspirational and shows that you don’t need to be someone extraordinary in order to make extraordinary changes.

You can see Maggie in Won’t Back Down in theaters Friday, September 28 2012.


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