Kelly & Michael: Lucy Liu Elementary Review + Directorial Debut


Kelly & Michael: Lucy Liu Style

Kelly called Lucy Liu her spirit animal. Lucy Liu came to talk to Kelly and Michael about her show Elementary. She loved the Travel Trivia dancer today. They played “Vogue” for Liu specifically when she came out because she’s their style icon. They don’t know how she always looks so good. She has a stylist named Lee Harris.

Kelly and Michael: Lucy Liu Not Lucy

Nobody calls her Lucy. Everyone always calls her Lucy Liu. Kelly always plays songs where he name is referenced. Lucy Liu says it’s because her name rhymes with anything, so they just throw it in there. They also talked about how Lucy Liu has co-hosted the show with Kelly a bunch of times.


Kelly & Michael: Lucy Liu Tony Award Nominations

Kelly & Michael: Lucy Liu Elementary Review + Directorial Debut

Lucy Liu stopped by to talk to Kelly & Michael about her show ‘Elementary’ and the episode she directed. It will air on May 1 2014. (Joe Seer /

Lucy Liu announced the Tony nominations. She was with Jonathan Groff, who also called her Lucy Liu, and was very sweet. Lucy Liu admitted that she messed up a few names. It was early and she finished work on Elementary late at night. She works crazy hours. Sometimes people ask her to dinner, but she’s just getting to work.

They were cautious about making mistakes after the Oscars’ Travolta incident. When they were rehearsing, though, they weren’t allowed to say the names. So they didn’t get much practice. They were supposed to be professional when making the announcements, but at the same time they were very excited about the nominations because they’re fans too.


Elementary: Watson and Sherlock Relationship

Kelly & Michael played a clip from Elementary. Lucy Liu’s Watson was talking about her birth father. He’s schizophrenic and homeless. She also has a stepfather.

Michael wanted to know if things will get romantic between her and Sherlock. Lucy Liu doesn’t think so. The executive producer doesn’t want it. Plus, the books are about the friendship. And she thinks that friendships last longer than relationships. She wants the longevity. Michael & Kelly commented about how she and Jonny Lee Miller have such good chemistry.

Kelly and Michael: Lucy Liu Directorial Debut

Lucy Liu is making her debut as director, which will be in the May 1 2014 episode. It was a lot pressure and takes a lot of organization. But she had a great crew and it worked out.

Lucy Liu has joined Twitter and will live tweet the episode. She’s @lucyliu. She’ll answer questions about the episode. Elementary airs Thursday nights on CBS.

Kelly & Michael: Lucy Liu Rock, Paper, Scissors

Last time Lucy Liu was on, Lucy Liu and Kelly discussed the game Rock, Paper, Scissors. Kelly’s great at it, but Jimmy Fallon beat her and she got a pie in the face. Lucy Liu thought he was cheating, but then she actually won. She got pied anyway. There’s a strategy to beating him. Kelly texted her about it. He’s really competitive with it.


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