Kelly & Michael: Lucy Liu “Elementary” Interview


Lucy Liu: Sports Fan?

Actress Lucy Liu appeared on Kelly & Michael September 17, this time, as a guest to talk about her new show; the last time she had appeared on Live, Lucy guest co-hosted with Kelly. She called the experience “a lot of fun,” and Kelly called Lucy “one of the coolest chicks in this business.’ It’s good to know that Lucy is a triple threat: talented, beautiful, and cool!

However, one thing that Lucy is not is a sports fan. It was Lucy’s first time meeting Michael, and she admitted to the Super Bowl champ that she knows basically nothing about sports. When she was a kid, her father sometimes watched baseball games, but they put her to sleep. If she does happen to catch a sports game on television, she always plays it safe and roots for the underdog.


Lucy Liu: Meditation by Deepak Chopra

Kelly & Michael: Lucy Liu "Elementary" Interview

Lucy Liu discussed her role on “Elementary” on Live with Kelly and Michael September 17. (Helga Esteb /

Lucy is a busy actress, so one way that she chooses to de-stress is through meditation. She actually learned her technique from acclaimed spiritual leader Deepak Chopra, whom she was lucky to meet through a friend. Kelly wanted to try and meditate, but she wasn’t sure where to start, so Lucy helped her out by outlining the basic details.

First, you start in a chair with your feet on the floor. Deepak Chopra gave Lucy a mantra created specifically for her; each person’s mantra will be different. However, if you’re able to truly focus, you probably don’t need a mantra. It’s all about quieting the mind and removing distractions.


Lucy also enjoys painting and art as a way to de-stress. She has a studio inside of her apartment where she experiments with different art forms. George Clooney even owns a few of Lucy’s photographs; he bought them from her when she was only a guest star on E.R.

Lucy Liu: Elementary on CBS

Lucy is the star of a new drama on CBS called Elementary. Jonny Lee Miller plays a modernized version of Sherlock Holmes, while Lucy plays the first female version of Watson. Lucy called the opportunity to play a female Watson “exciting,” because it’s such a fresh take on a very familiar story.

On the show, Watson is also Holmes’s sober companion, which creates a new and interesting dynamic between the characters. Don’t miss Lucy Liu as Jane Watson on Elementary, which premieres Thursday, September 27 2012.


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