Kelly & Michael: Liam Neeson Drinking Games + Non-Stop Review


Kelly and Michael: Liam Neeson

Action superstar and Oscar nominee Liam Neeson returned to Live to talk about his latest thriller, Non-Stop, with Kelly & Michael. What is his favorite tea, and what about those drinking games based on his movies?

Kelly & Michael: Liam Neeson Drinking Games

Kelly & Michael: Liam Neeson Drinking Games + Non-Stop Review

Fans of the action hero can partake in Liam Neeson Drinking Games that keep track of his steely stares or body count on the screen, Kelly and Michael said. (Featureflash /


Michael Strahan wondered whether Neeson’s intimidating and steely stare works on his sons. He said that they know better and can tell whether he is using one of his acting moves. But Michael asked for advice about how to perfect that stare to use on his own children, and Neeson said that money is a great motivator.

Kelly told Liam about the Liam Neeson drinking games (for adults 21 and over) that require players to take different shots based on his trademark looks. Another drinking game is Body Count, and it could be dangerous to play during the first Taken movie, when his character takes out 26 people.

Kelly and Michael: Liam Neeson Yorkshire Tea

Liam Neeson’s favorite drink is decaffeinated Yorkshire Tea. He said it is $3 a packet across the pond, and he can’t find what he wants in the US. Though he loves America, he said the country does not know how to make tea, and that there is a difference between boiling water and hot water.


Kelly & Michael: Liam Neeson Non-Stop Review

In the new movie Non-Stop, Neeson maybe plays an air marshal. When he was traveling to Los Angeles to promote the movie, he was seated near a boisterous passenger. At the end of the flight, the other man showed Liam his actual air marshal’s badge.

Michael wondered how Neeson decided to do this project. He said the script was a page-turner from beginning to end, and it keeps you in suspense about who might be the bad guy until near the end. The cast also includes Julianne Moore.

Neeson said he wants to catch someone watching this movie on a plane flight and then get up very slowly. In a suspenseful clip, he has to quickly deal with an unruly passenger as tensions escalate on the plane. Non-Stop in in theaters on Friday, February 28 2014.


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