Kelly & Michael: Leo Howard Martial Arts Demo & Reason to Start Karate


Kelly & Michael: Leo Howard Stops Chasing Trophies

Leo Howard, the martial arts actor from Kickin’ It, told Kelly Ripa and Jerry Seinfeld he got out of the competition aspect of martial arts because he felt like he was just chasing trophies. He was more into the theatrical and performance side of the sport. He wanted to entertain people, not focus all his energy on winning trophies.

Kelly & Michael: Leo Howard Martial Arts Demo & Reason to Start Karate

Kelly Ripa and Jerry Seinfeld talked with Leo Howard about his martial arts skills, they watched him perform a demo for them and asked why he started.
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Kelly Ripa was so impressed with Howard, she said she could see him as the next big movie star in Hollywood.

Kickin’ It: Leo Howard Martial Arts Moves

Leo Howard demonstrated some of his skills while on the show and it was pretty amazing. He was moving so fast as he threw punches and he even did a few flips in the air before landing back on his feet while simultaneously starting a flurry of punches.

“For some inexplicable reason, probably because of age, I just got emotional,” said Kelly Ripa who actually had to wipe tears from her eyes.


Howard tried to teach Jerry Seinfeld and Kelly Ripa some martial arts moves but neither were properly dressed for the occasion.

Jerry Seinfeld Questions Reasoning for Starting Martial Arts

Jerry Seinfeld had a question I bet a lot of people were thinking as they watched the interview with Leo Howard. Seinfeld said he had always assumed people got into martial arts because they thought they might need to use it to defend themselves one day. So, he wanted to know if Howard started because he hoped he would have the chance to use it one day and whether or not he would be disappointed if he never had the chance to use it. I mean he has been practicing forever. It could seem like a waste of time.

He didn’t think it would be smart to backflip kick someone if he was in a fight but he also didn’t get into martial arts because he wanted to hurt someone. He did it because he knew it would give him confidence, among other qualities like respect and dedication.

You can see more of Leo Howard in Kickin’ It on Disney.


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