Kelly & Michael: Laura Linney’s Bob Haircut & The Big C Hereafter Clip


Laura Linney’s Bob Haircut

Laura Linney said she has had long hair for most of her life and she loves her new short hair. She cut it once when she was little and it was traumatizing. She said she just washes it and goes out. She loves that she can get ready in under an hour.

Laura Linney Wanted To Be a Speech Pathologist

Laura said that she grew up in New York. Central Park was an amazing place and she didn’t know any other world.


Kelly & Michael: Laura Linney's Bob Haircut & The Big C Hereafter Clip

Laura Linney’s bob haircut takes her less time in the morning and she loves the freedom. She brought a clip from season 4 of The Big C: Hereafter. (image credit: Jaguar PS,

Before going into acting, Linney wanted to become a speech pathologist. Michael Strahan joked that she could help him with his speech. Kelly Ripa said she loved Michael’s speech, but he said it’s like, “I thawt I thaw a puddy that!”

She was very interested in speech and communicative disorders. She is interested by the psychology and the link between your voice. Amazingly she can’t book a voice over job. That’s shocking considering she’s the voice of Downton Abbey.


“I’m Laura Linney and this is Masterpiece Classic.” Who doesn’t love to imitate that line?

The Big C: Hereafter Season 4

The fourth and finale season of The Big C airs Mondays on Showtime. Laura Linney said that it’s taking a miniseries format for the last season: four one-hour episodes over four weeks to wrap up the story of cancer patient Cathy Jamison, played by Linney.

Linney said that the story helps others talk about cancer. She wants to chip away at the drama and make it a conversational topic. In the last four seasons, Linney has realized the privilege of aging. She’s more grateful after playing Cathy.

The Big C: Season 4 Clip

In a clip from the new season, Cathy is accused of eating her husband’s assistant’s food. She admits to doing it because her taste buds don’t work anymore. She can only enjoy the texture of food and the pasta dish looked interesting. She is unapologetic and puts the assistant in her place. Laura Linney took a scene that might have made someone pity a cancer patient and turned it into a laughable situation.


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