Kelly & Michael: Kristin Chenoweth Head Injury Accident Update


Kelly & Michael: Kristin Chenoweth

For someone so small, Kristin Chenoweth has an unbelievably large personality. She is always bursting off the stage or screen. She makes co-host Kelly Ripa feel tall by comparison, and her friends and fans, both at Live! and around the country, have been pulling for her recovery after a summer accident. In her first TV interview since her head injury, a beaming Kristin came to dish with Kelly and Michael about how she is doing now.

Michael said he felt like Kelly and Kristin could be sisters as they posed for a quick photo before getting into the conversation.


Kristin Chenoweth Accident Update

“I’m doing so much better than I was,” Kristin said before congratulating Kelly and her new partner. “When something falls from the sky onto your head and you don’t know it’s coming, the good news is, for anybody who passes away quickly, they don’t know what happened to them. So I didn’t even know.”

Kristin had signed on in a recurring guest role on CBS’s The Good Wife, and was shooting a scene outside this summer when her accident occurred. A piece of lighting equipment went awry on a windy day, according to reports.

“It hit me, knocked me out, knocked me in the face, and then slammed me down to the ground…. The back of my head got hit on a curb,” Kristin said. She had a skull fracture, as well as injuries to her neck, ribs, and hips.


Live!: Kristin Chenoweth Head Injury

Kristin Chenoweth Head Injury: Kelly & Michael

Kelly and Michael learned about Kristin Chenoweth's recovery from a serious head injury over the summer. (s_bukley /

She said she is still intermittently wearing a neck brace, but her skull is healing. Kelly joked that Kristin is so dainty that almost anything could knock her down. But she did wonder what happened when Kristin woke up.

Kristin said she was disappointed that she lost one earring and one shoe in the incident. She woke up surrounded by EMTs. Her Good Wife scene partner Josh Charles was holding her hand when she woke up.

“He’s my angel,” Kristin said of Josh.

Next, she woke up in Bellvue, surrounded by prisoners handcuffed to their gurneys. Michael asked about her other injuries. Kristin admitted she had trouble speaking in full sentences and still isn’t back to full speed on her former multitasking ways, and has trouble coming up with words now and then. Kelly mocked horror and joked that Kristin has turned into her father-in-law.

“There’s still some pain and issues, but I just feel so blessed and lucky and grateful, because it could have been a lot worse,” Kristin said, “and I’m thankful for life.”

Kelly & Michael: Kristin Chenoweth Get Well Wishes

Kristin said she appreciated all the well-wishers were great, despite the paparazzi sneaking photos of her in the hospital. She said that she eventually bedazzled her hard collar, and it’s kind of hard to tell whether she was joking. You never know.

Kelly said she couldn’t believe that she got a thank you note while Kristin was still in the hospital. Kristin said that’s the way her mother raised her, and encouraged her to use her brain. She said all the cookies and gift baskets have made her put on a few pounds, which she said makes a difference when you are tiny.

“Nothing says ‘Heal a skull fracture’ like a carbohydrate,” Kelly quipped. Kristin said she felt very loved by the support from friends and fans, and that she could feel the power of their prayers.

Strahan Lifts Kelly & Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin speculated that she is now finally heavier than Kelly, since she can’t work off any of the snacks. To settle the dispute, Michael Strahan agreed to lift one of them in each of his arms, but not before Kristin could put on her neck brace.

Strahan had no trouble picking both of them up, but declined to reveal who was heavier. He even carried them off the set at the end of the segment. You can see Kristin Chenoweth in the season premiere of The Good Wife September 30 2012 on CBS.


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