Kelly & Michael: Kristen Stewart ‘Still Alice’


Kelly & Michael: Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about her new movie Still Alice, which he co-star Julianne Moore just won a SAG Award for. It’ll be interesting to see what Stewart is like post-Twilight though. She’s known for Snow White and the Huntsman and the Twilight series. She had a great entrance and took time to give some kid a high five. Kelly loved her hair.

Kelly & Michael: Kristen Stewart Cooking

Stewart is getting more used to the public appearances and the crowds screaming. People are starstruck by her, but is she starstruck by anyone? She saw Alton Brown one time and her publicist and best friend asked what was wrong with her. She asked who he was and she said he was a really big chef on the Food Network.


Stewart likes to cook too, not just watch. She doesn’t have a specialty. She can make anything. She thinks she’s a good cook and is a total foodie.

Check out the video here:


Kelly & Michael: Kristen Stewart 'Still Alice'

Kristen Stewart talked to Kelly & Michael about working with Julianne Moore on ‘Still Alice.’ (Featureflash /

Kelly & Michael: Kristen Stewart Puppy

Stewart added a new puppy, Cole, to her family. They showed the most adorable pictures ever. She’s a mutt. They found her on a Frisbee golf course. Kelly said that dogs know when you’re going to adopt them and get really excited when it’s a celebrity.

Kelly & Michael: Kristen Stewart Painting

Stewart worked for a solid two years, so she needs to breathe. She wants to spend time at home. She wants to do some art in her garage. She’s been painting, but doesn’t consider herself a professional painter.

Kelly & Michael: Kristen Stewart ‘Still Alice’

Kelly said that Stewart was so good in Still Alice. She’d never seen a character portrayed with such accuracy of a daughter who’s compassionate to her mother who has early onset Alzheimer’s Disease.

Stewart has known Moore for a couple of years and called it easy. She could be her mom. It wasn’t difficult to feel all the fear. She wanted to do anything she could to support her, even if it was hard. They were perfectly placed together. It was real for her. She wasn’t playing anyone who was different from her. She was just being herself in this situation.

Moore has teenage kids, and it must have been cool for her to tell her kids she was working with Stewart. Moore asked Stewart to tell Shailene Woodley her daughter said hi because they were working together.

In the clip of Still Alice, Stewart was talking about how nervous she was for her play, but Moore’s character needed to write all the details down. The family all argued over what was best for her. Still Alice is in select theaters now and will open nationwide in February 2015.


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