Kelly & Michael: Kristen Bell Wedding Cost + Veronica Mars Movie


Kelly and Michael: Kristen Bell Oscars

The young detective drama Veronica Mars ran for three years, and now the cast has reunited for a movie sequel. Star Kristen Bell joined Kelly & Michael to talk about the project.

Bell spoke with Kelly and Michael at the Academy Awards, which she attended this year for the first time. She said that it is a long and intense process, involving hours of preparation for hair, makeup, and your dress, not to mention traffic. She said you cannot use the bathroom once you get into your gown.


“There was a situation. There was a mason jar involved,” she said of her bathroom emergency.

Kelly & Michael: Kristen Bell Wedding Cost

Kelly & Michael: Kristen Bell Wedding Cost + Veronica Mars Movie

Kristen Bell, who is reprising her role as Veronica Mars in a new movie, told Kelly and Michael how much her low-key wedding cost. How much was it? (Joe Seer /

In contrast, Kristen Bell’s wedding to Dax Shepard was much more low-key. He chose a black ALC jumpsuit for her to wear. She said her wedding cost $147, whereas Kelly’s nuptials ran her $279 (including airfare!). These women know how to keep it thrifty.


Shepard made an iTunes playlist to serenade them with Amos Lee, Brett Dennen, Tyrone Wells, and more of her favorites for their trip to the wedding. Michael Strahan suggested that Dax call him for some more playlist suggestions.

Kelly and Michael: Kristen Bell Veronica Mars Movie

Veronica Mars is returning for fans with a new movie. How did Kristen become convinced? She said that she has always wanted to make a movie. The show has become more popular on DVD since leaving the airwaves.

Finally, the creative team turned to Kickstarter to raise funds to produce the movie, after traditional financing channels failed. Now the film has been completed, and the original cast has remained friends through the years, so it was fun to reunite for a few weeks to shoot the film.

The film was shot in just 24 days, because it was a labor of love and they had to make the project happen on their budget. In a scene from the movie, Veronica learned what Logan has been up to in the nine years since they have seen one another. Now he is a suspect in a murder.

Veronica Mars is coming to theaters on Friday, March 14 2014.


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